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Ethics Review Board


Ethics Review Board Opinions




No. 1

July 29, 1999

Whether a former City employee may perform work on contracts between his current employer and the City of San Antonio.

No. 2

May 24, 2000

Whether, upon termination with the City, an individual may have a financial interest in a contract providing consulting services to the City of San Antonio

No. 3

August 22, 2000

Whether a single Lobbyist Registration Amendment Form may be submitted with a matrix pursuant to Part E of the Ethics Code.

No. 4

December 4, 2000

Whether a former City employee may be employed by a company that formerly sold equipment, parts and services to the City of San Antonio.

No. 5

December 18, 2000

Whether, upon submitting a proposal for a Discretionary Contract with the City, a company is required to disclose the owners and officers of parent companies or other similar entities.

No. 6

April 17, 2001

Whether certain contributions by a lobbyist to organizations promoting the retirement of a city official constitute gifts, and if such contributions must be reported by the lobbyist.

No. 7

October 7, 2001

Whether a law firm, after hiring a lawyer who is a former City official, may enter into a discretionary contract to provide legal services with the City or any of its related entities, including City Public Service and the San Antonio Water System, in compliance with the Code?

No. 8

October 23 2001

Whether a lawyer who is a former City official, may represent for compensation any person, group, or entity, other than himself or his spouse or minor children, before the City Council; before a board, commission, or other city entity; or before a city official within two (2) years after termination of his official duties. (See State Bar of Texas Professional Ethics Committee Op. No. 551)

No. 9

March 19, 2002

Whether a lawyer who is a former City official may be retained by the City to perform work on behalf of the City prior to the two year limitation described in Part C of the Ethics Code of the City of San Antonio.

No. 10

December 19, 2002

Whether a grant awarded pursuant to the guidelines of the Community Grant Program by the San Antonio Conservation Society to a City employee or a City official, as those terms are defined in the Ethics Code of the City of San Antonio, violates the ethics code.

No. 11

February 28, 2003

Whether having raised funds for a project, may an individual serve in an advisory capacity to the engineering firm selected to design the project; and

Whether that same individual can continue to serve on the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group in their efforts to raise additional funds, some of which will come from the City; and

Whether these actions would constitutea conflict of interest, thus violating the City Ethics Code

No. 12

September 16, 2003

Whether the City’s Ethics Code precludes an entity doing business with the City from inviting City Officials and/or City Employees to events at the entity’s leased suite at the SBC Center,and

Whether that accepting that invitation would constitute an Ethics Code violation on the part of the City Official or Employee.

No. 13

September 1, 2004

Whether the phrase "termination of his or her official duties" as used in Part C Section 2(b) of the City of San Antonio's Ethics Code means the last day any "official duty" was performed or the last day of employment.

No. 14

September 1, 2004

If an attorney or engineer is engaged for his or her professional services in relation to a discretionary contract with the City of San Antonio, and that attorney or engineer is a registered lobbyist, is disclosure required if the attorney or engineer does not engage in lobbying activities related to the contract?

No. 15

September 13, 2004

Whether a non-profit organization, which intends to spend money for lobbying activities, must register as a lobbyist?

No. 16

September 13, 2004

Whether an individual who works as an independent contractor for a non-profit organization and who represents that organization while appearing before the City must register as a lobbyist?

No. 17

March 1, 2005

Whether an individual who formerly worked for the City in the Community Action Division of the Department of Community Initiatives could accept a position as the director for a non-profit organization that receives funding from the City?

No. 18

May 31, 2005

Whether an individual who served as a member of a City board enter into a contract with the City?

No. 19

May 30, 2006

May an individual who is a former city employee prepare and submit engineering plans to the City less than two years after leaving city employment?

No. 20

May 12, 2009

May a former City Employee accept employment as a sub-contractor for a nonprofit organization to prepare proposals that will be submitted to the City?