Total City Employee Compensation

Total Compensation for all City of San Antonio Employees

Our employees are the heart and soul of the City of San Antonio. As is the case with most organizations, personnel costs – salaries and benefits for the more than 12,000 employees of the City of San Antonio –are the largest component of the City of San Antonio’s annual adopted budget, accounting for more than 60% of actual expenses.

In FY 2019, the City issued paychecks to 14,181 employees, amounting to $812.3 Million in total payroll and $1.1 Billion in total compensation across the City’s departments and funds. Employee payroll includes such items as base salary, certification pay, overtime, leave pay, education pay, tuition reimbursement and allowances. Total compensation includes additional benefits for employees which are contributed by the City, such as pension matching, current employee and retiree healthcare, and wellness contributions.

There are three categories of employees within the City organization: uniform fire, uniform police and civilian. While civilian employees’ salaries and benefits are based on established job class salary ranges and benefit programs annually reviewed and adopted by City Council, salaries and benefits for uniform police and fire employees are established by collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) negotiated by public safety unions. As required by the CBAs, the City incurs additional costs for the benefit of uniform employees, such as Legal Fund contributions and Prepaid Vision and Dental.

Enclosed in the links below are Total Compensation Reports for all City employees who received a paycheck during a given fiscal year. Salary and benefits information will be posted by April for the previous fiscal year.