Payments Made by City

Open Checkbook

Open Checkbook

The City of San Antonio (City) is committed to the highest levels of data security and privacy, therefore not all transactions will be displayed. Protected information such as social security numbers, banking information, and personal data are excluded from payment transaction details.

Refund payments issued back to customers are excluded from this report. Payments to health care providers, retirement accounts, and other third-party payroll deductions are also not included in this report.

The data contained on this website is unaudited and is for informational purpose only. It is not the intent of the site to provide information that may be used to determine or influence the financial decisions of any website user.

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Budget and Financial Transparency

The City’s checkbook displays payments issued to vendors aggregated by month by provided service type. It additionally includes debt payments issued to lenders. Interested viewers can access the City’s outstanding debt and official statements.

Outstanding Checks and Unclaimed Property

Occasionally, vendors and customers have not cashed checks issued to them by the City. For those uncashed checks, the City maintains a listing of outstanding checks and unclaimed property as well as how to request a reissuance of those funds.

City Compensation Report

The City maintains a separate compensation report for all personnel costs paid to or on behalf of City employees each fiscal year.