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City of San Antonio
515 S Frio St
San Antonio, TX 78207
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  • Kevin Holmes
    Chief GIS Officer, 210.207.7986
  • Frank Yang
    IT Manager (GIS), 210.207.0537
General Information
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Support is available Monday through Friday 7:45 AM – 4:30 PM on City working days. Support is not available outside of normal business hours listed above or on City holidays or weekends.
A geographic information system (GIS) integrates computer software, hardware, and data to view, manage, and analyze spatial relationships. GIS organizes spatial and related tabular data so that the information can be displayed and analyzed to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

    Databases and GIS Data Services

  • Design, manage, and update an Enterprise GIS SDE Database utilizing industry standards and best known practices. Support multiple internal and external departments to include coordination with Bexar Metro 911 and Bexar County Appraisal District. Work with Public Safety CAD database to ensure data integrity and authorship for all location based information and validation services.


    Desktop Software Support

  • Support issues with ArcGIS (ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, ArcMap, ArcMobile, and all ESRI extensions). Provide assistance with setting up server connections to the Enterprise GIS SDE database.


    Public Safety GIS Service Support

  • Provide assistance with any GIS data creation, management, or dissemination needs to include GIS web services such as data services and geovalidation processes.


    Web Application, Mapping, and GIS Web Services 

  • Provide GIS web applications design and administration support for City of San Antonio departments. 
  • Provide support for GIS mapping needs through standardizing particular city maps and supporting departmentally specific mapping requirements. 
  • Provide GIS web services to include geovalidation web services for internal and external GIS web applications, using the Enterprise GIS address validation and geovalidation web services.
Please contact us by filling out the contact form: Contact GIS
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Our GIS unit will no longer accept customized map requests from the public. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Create Your Own Map
  • To create your own map, please visit our Interactive Maps website.
    Map Catalog
  • Our most requested maps are available in a PDF format convenient for downloading and printing.
GIS Data
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  • Data created by the City of San Antonio can be downloaded for free using the GIS Data Download page.
  • The cost estimate to purchase data on CD/DVD is approximately $15.00 per item, per ½ hour, per staff member. To purchase data or for addition information, please Contact Us.
  • Hardcopy maps can be downloaded from the Map Catalog webpage.
Please refer to the GIS Data page. *Please note that the City of San Antonio does not have the authorization to release third party data. Roads data can be obtained from Bexar Metro 911. Parcel data can be acquired from Bexar County Appraisal District.
The data available for download is in the ESRI ArcGIS File Geodatabase or Shapefile format. Please visit to locate conversion software if needed.
  • PROJECTION: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Texas_South_Central_FIPS_4204_Feet
Web Services
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Please contact the Addressing Team:
If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our interactive maps site, please contact us by using our contact form Contact GIS or (210) 207-8888.

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GIS Open Data

GIS Open Data

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The City of San Antonio's COVID-19 Open Data page.GIS Open Data

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