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GMA takes the lead in developing the City's Five-Year Consolidated Plan, Annual Consolidated Plan/Budget, and Consolidated Plan Annual Performance Report (CAPER). We have the primary responsibility for administering and monitoring the CDBG and HOME grant programs.
After the City has completed the Annual Action Plan and Budget process, GMA identifies activities which require participation from external entities to implement. Once those activities are identified, staff proceeds with either creating an application or request for proposal, as appropriate. Opportunities for funding will be identified on the GMA website and posted in a newspaper of general circulation.

GMA does not implement specific housing activities. GMA acts as the funding administrator for other City Department housing programs or external agency programs. Please contact the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department Housing Division for specific affordable housing programs that may be available to individuals.

Through the Annual Action process, the City allocates funding to specific types of activities in targeted areas. If funds are available for these types of activities, an application or request for proposal will be released. Please contact the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department Housing Policy Division for more information.

Specific qualifications for funding activities will be determined at the time an application or request for proposal is developed. Depending on the activity and funding source, various types of organizations may be eligible. Please refer to the specific application/RFP for details.
The City has an Annual Action Plan development cycle to plan out the next year’s activities and to establish an annual budget. This occurs in late winter/early spring for the following Fiscal Year cycle from October 1st – September 30th. The City requests feedback through a public notice process on establishing priorities and welcomes public comment. Once the Action Plan and Budget is established, staff determines which activities require an application or RFP. This varies as funds become available. Please see the GMA website for announcements of funding availability.
The federal grant requirements will be provided to the award recipient depending on the funding source and type of activity awarded. Upon award notification, the recipient will receive guidance on procedural next steps including but not limited to environmental review, underwriting, contract development, grant performance expectations, and other applicable federal requirements.
The City has recently redesigned the GMA website and has added developed policy documents and other relevant information in various sections of the site. If you have any questions, please call 210-207-6600.

GMA is a Division within the City of San Antonio’s Neighborhood and Housing Services Department. GMA is headed by the Grant Administrator who provides oversight of four divisions: Grant Management, Compliance, Loan Servicing, and Contract Management.

Currently, GMA does not participate in providing reimbursements through an online system. Reimbursements for eligible activities are directed by the executed agreement. The signed invoice with appropriate backup documentation may be submitted by mail, fax, email, or in person.


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