Division of Grants Monitoring and Administration
Funding Process

The City of San Antonio annually conducts a process to select types of activities to be funded with CDBG and HOME funds through the annual Action Plan.  Once activities have been identified, the City shall release Requests for Applications (RFA) corresponding to the funded activity.  See the steps for the application and selection process:

Publishing the Request for Application

  • NHSD will prepare an application specific to the approved Action Plan activity.
  • NHSD will issue a minimum 30 day solicitation and set a deadline to submit applications responses.
  • NHSD will issue the solicitation by placing an ad in a newspaper of general circulation stating applications are available electronically on the City’s GMA Website.
  • NHSD will host a pre-submission meeting no later than 2 weeks prior to submission deadline.

Accepting the initial application in response to RFA

  • NHSD will accept applications either at the Office of the City Clerk or Department depending on the directions cited in the RFA.

Evaluation and Scoring of Application

  • NHSD may create a staff level advisory team to process applications including:
    • Review applications for responsiveness
    • Verify applicants are not suspended and/ debarred
    • Prepare an application summary
  • NHSD Director may assign an evaluation committee
    • Committee to score and rank applications

Rank and Selection

  • Evaluation Committee may be presented applications to review
  • Advisory staff may prepare summary presentation to the Evaluation Committee
  • Evaluation Committee will score projects in accordance with RFA scoring criteria and submits scoring summary to Director
  • Rank and Scores will be posted on the City’s GMA website
  • City staff will issue an initial award letter to the highest ranked applicant
  • Remaining applicants will be notified of their rank and that their application will remain in consideration for a specified period, if the ranking applicant’s project is deemed infeasible.

Feasibility Analysis and Negotiation

  • NHSD staff initiates environmental review, underwriting review,  neighborhood market analysis, if applicable to the type of project activity.

Commitment of Funds

  • Upon concurrence of feasibility review NHSD will issue a commitment agreement

Due Diligence

  • NHSD staff initiates other grant related due diligence
  • NHSD staff prepared loan agreement or applicable contract information and submits to the City Attorney’s Office to negotiate final terms of the agreement with the sub-recipient/developer

Contract Execution

  • NHSD and sub-recipient/developer schedule the closing and execute the agreements