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ImmTrac2 (Texas Immunization Registry)

The San Antonio Immunization Repository System (SAIRS) is being replaced by the ImmTrac2 Immunization Information System (IIS).  ImmTrac2 is the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Immunization Registry provided at no cost to all Texans. The registry is secure and confidential, and safely consolidates and stores immunization records from multiple sources in one centralized system.

Access to the registry records is for those who have authorization.  Authorized organizations include health care providers, schools, and public health departments. The registry is part of a DSHS initiative to increase vaccine coverage across Texas.

Texas law requires written consent by individuals to participate in the registry.  Parents, guardians and adult clients need to sign-up (“opt-in”) before any immunizations can be added or stored for a client. Use the ImmTrac2 consent form to opt-in if you are not already in ImmTrac2. You can obtain the consent form from the links below or directly from DSHS. Over the last decade or so, most of the children born in Texas hospitals are consented to ImmTrac2 through the birth registration process and parents/guardians are encouraged to sign-up newborn at hospital. However, most adults, teenagers and older children do not have recorded consent for ImmTrac2, so it is very important to be sure you “opt-in” to ImmTrac2 to be sure you can access your immunization record.

For ImmTrac2 information, you can contact ImmTrac2 Customer Support at 800.348.9158 or you can email Additionally, if you have questions about SAIRS or about which ImmTrac2 form you should use, please call the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Immunization Program, SAIRS/ImmTrac2 Help Desk at 210.207.5071, Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

ImmTrac2 General Public Information

Please use the following links to access General Public ImmTrac2 information from the Texas Department of State Health Services public site. You can also use the links below to provide your consent.

General Public Information

How to Sign Up

Use the attached forms or contact your healthcare provider to request the ImmTrac2 consent form. The forms can also be downloaded directly from the ImmTrac2 website.

  • Adults: complete the form titled Adult Consent Form (F11-13366/English) or (F11-13366A/Spanish).
  • Minors: parents/guardians should complete the form titled Minor Consent Form (C-7/English) or (C-7A/Spanish).
  • Completed consent forms: you may deliver them to your healthcare provider, or fax to 210.207.0751 (Attention: ImmTrac2 Team), or mail to:

Immunization Program
Attn: ImmTrac2 Team
111 Soledad St., Suite 600
San Antonio, TX  78205

ImmTrac2 Provider Resources

Please use the link below to access ImmTrac2 Provider Resources including forms & manuals, user training and electronic data exchange. Also, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Immunization Division staff can provide user training at your office. If you are interested in having your staff trained in person at your office, please call 210.207.5071 to ask about scheduling a training for your staff.

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