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HL7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The SAIRS team will advise your clinic location when paper submission can stop.
Once you are advised to stop paper submission, SAIRS no longer needs those consent forms from your clinic. However, if you are a VFC provider, remember that you still must meet all VFC documentation requirements such as VFC eligibility, vaccine consent, vaccine refusals, VIS date, etc.

If your EMR system is down temporarily, you can use the SAMHD consent form and

  • Submit by mail, OR
  • Use for data entry once system recovers.

Please be sure to notify the SAIRS Team. If the system is down for an extended period of time, you can be quickly trained for direct entry reporting.

Yes. Your clinic should have at least one SAIRS user account (you cannot share). Passwords expire every 120 days. SAMHD will not accept record requests. Please call the help desk for all password issues at 210.207.5071.
The secondary contact will take over as the primary contact and a new secondary contact needs to be assigned. Please notify the SAIRS Team A.S.A.P.
Please direct all questions regarding meaningful use to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or your EMR Vendor.

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