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Welcome to SAIRS 101! We hope this course will help you to have a smooth and enjoyable transition to using SAIRS for the direct entry of your patient data.

SAIRS Training HostThis training consists of online learning modules with explanations, demos and hands-on practice, along with step-by-step Job Aids that you can use during and after the course for further support.

You should do this training individually, not as a group. For the best experience, we suggest that you take a break between modules. Just pause and come back later! After completing each module, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can save for your records and show off proudly in your workspace! You do not need to submit these to the SAIRS Team.

You will not have SAIRS access to add vaccines or inventory until after completion of this training. Please notify the SAIRS Team when you’re ready to start direct entry.

The course material is divided by role, so you will take only those modules that are relevant and useful for you. The four roles are:

  • People who only need to view and print records
  • People who also enter and update patient and immunization data, and who create new patients in SAIRS.
  • People who are responsible for vaccine inventory tracking, using Partial Inventory features.
  • And people who are responsible for vaccine inventory tracking, using Full Inventory features.

The training videos that accompany these training modules are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the help desk for additional training needs at 210.207.5071.

NOTE: You will need to have the Flash 10 or higher player to view the online modules. Get the latest Flash player.

Your Learning Plan

Please use the table below to identify your learning plan, based on your role. Everyone will take the Introduction. Then depending on your role, you will take the modules that apply to you. When you finish each module, return here to see if you need to take any additional modules.

If You... Then Take...
View and print patient records Mod 0: Introduction + Mod 1: View & Print Records
Enter data Mod 0: Introduction + Mod 1: View & Print Records + Mod 2: Enter Data
Perform partial inventory tasks Mod 0: Introduction + Mod 1: View & Print Records + Mod 2: Enter Data + Mod 3: Track Using Partial Inventory
Perform full inventory tasks Mod 0: Introduction + Mod 4: Track Using Full Inventory and any other relevant modules (Module 1, Module 2 and/or Module 3)

After completing your learning plan, please take a few minutes to give us your feedback by completing a brief survey.

Each module has a set of step-by-step Job Aids to support you in doing the tasks covered in that module, both now and after you’ve finished the training. If you click on the links in the table above, you will see the Job Aids for that module. See a list of all the Job Aids available to you.


Everyone should take Module 0: Introduction. It will explain how the program player works and help you get the most out of the course!

View & Print Records

If you need to view and print patient records, this module is for you!

Module 1 Job Aids
Enter Data

Add this module if you will need to update patient demographics or immunization records or create new patient records in SAIRS.

Module 2 Job Aids
Track With Partial Inventory

If you are responsible for tracking your vaccines using Partial Inventory, you know who you are. Take this module!

Module 3 Job Aids
Track With Full Inventory

If you are responsible for tracking your vaccine inventory to the dose, and doing a monthly reconciliation using SAIRS' Full Inventory features, this module and its Job Aids will be indispensable!

Module 4 Job Aids
Problems or Questions?

Help Desk: 210.207.5071