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Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance

Metro Health Epidemiology Division protects San Antonio and Bexar County residents and visitors from disease outbreaks. The Epidemiology Division investigates confirmed and suspected cases of infectious diseases and conditions that are reported by physician’s offices, hospitals and medical laboratories. Data is collected and examined to determine the existence of trends. Our team ensures that action is taken to prevent infectious disease outbreaks in the area.

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Notice to Bexar County health facilities and/or physicians on Meaningful Use Act.

List of reportable disease (PDF)
Reporting a disease (Form)
Reporting Varicella (Form)

Disease Reporting - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tuberculosis reporting - Fax: 210.207.8779 Questions? Call 210.207.8823
STD/HIV reporting - Fax: 210.207.2116 Questions? Call 210.207.8831
For all other disease reporting: Fax: 210.207.8807 Questions? Call 210.207.8876 (7 days a week & evenings)

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Reportable Diseases

Reportable Diseases
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