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About Us

The Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) is a community-wide collaborative to reduce obesity in San Antonio. The mission of the MFC is to increase awareness and connect San Antonio residents to opportunities for improved emotional well-being, physical activity, and healthy eating.

The Mayor’s Fitness Council is supported by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and is divided into several committees:

  • Community
  • San Antonio Business Group on Health (SABGH)
  • Healthy Schools
  • Executive

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Contact Information

Mayor's Fitness Council
Coordinator: Brittany Wade, MPH
EmailMayor's Fitness Council or Brittany Wade • Call: 210.207.8189

Community Committee

The mission of the Community Committee is to promote wellness programs and community activities that motivate people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to live a healthy lifestyle.

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The Community committee welcomes opportunities to endorse events or programs that meet endorsement criteria. An endorsement is a "Seal of Approval" from the city's premier fitness & wellness coalition recognizing programs or events that enrich the lives of San Antonio residents and communities in fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.

Contact Information

Community Committee
Mayor's Fitness Council or Bert Pickell • Call: 210.207.8189

Worksite San Antonio Business Group on Health (SABGH)

San Antonio Business Group on Health

The mission of the San Antonio Business Group on Health (SABGH) is

  • to work with employers and the community to promote a healthier San Antonio by promoting employee health and wellness education;
  • supporting strategic and economic solutions;
  • working with the health care delivery system to address rising health care costs and improve outcomes;
  • publicly recognizing local employers for best practices in workplace health promotion;
  • serving as a resource for sharing programs and ideas to positively impact employee health
San Antonio Healthy Vending Guidelines

The City of San Antonio continues to improve the nutritional quality of the snacks and beverages operated through the city’s vending contracts. Together, Metro Health and The Health Collaborative formed a coalition to establish Healthy Vending Guidelines for the City of San Antonio and Worksite Wellness programs community-wide. These healthy vending guidelines will provide healthier options in snack and beverage vending machines and include a wide variety of products. The toolkit is available to any business looking to improve the healthfulness of vending options and a step-by-step process to guide the implementation of healthier vending at your work site.


Contact Information

San Antonio Business Group on Health
Email: Chronic Disease Prevention • Call: 210.207.2722

Student Ambassadors

The mission of the Mayor’s Fitness Council’s Student Ambassador Program is to involve youth in improving the health of San Antonio. Student Ambassadors represent the Mayor’s Fitness Council by promoting and encouraging healthy living at their campus and in their communities. Each Student Ambassador implements a health-related service project at their school or in the community.

How do I get involved?

The Mayor’s Fitness Council is looking for role models, leaders, and change makers to empower their schools, friends, and families to lead healthier lives. Students in middle and high school are eligible to be a part of this program.

Contact Information

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassador Coordinator: Andrea Bottiglieri
Email: Andrea Bottiglieri • Phone: 210.857.5378