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Healthy Neighborhoods helps residents revitalize their community for better health

Asset Based Community Development is a community organizing framework utilized by Metro Health’s Healthy Neighborhoods program – it acknowledges and builds on the gifts already present in communities and invites community members to be co-creators of health change in their neighborhoods.

A Walking School Bus is a group of kids that walk to school with adult volunteers who help make sure that they get to school safely. Healthy Neighborhoods’ community health worker in Avenida Guadalupe neighborhood walks with the kids at Sarah King Elementary school to ensure that getting to school is not only safe, but also fun.

Community health worker with Metro Health’s Healthy Neighborhoods project works with community members to sustain a farmers market to the neighborhood.

Community health worker with Metro Health’s Healthy Neighborhoods project works with youth and families in the Palo Alto neighborhood to adopt healthy habits.

Take Pride in Your Neighborhood

There is no better place to start making a difference than in your own backyard. All children deserve to have a safe and healthy place to live and play. Our health workers help residents find opportunities to create positive change in the neighborhood for a healthier tomorrow.

Whether that's bike paths, a park or a community garden, each neighborhood's needs are different and unique.

Honor Thy Neighbor

Relationships build a community and everyone has something to offer. Like contributing special talents and skills, but sometimes they need to be discovered. We'll get to know our neighbors and create connections. You'll find that they care about something. Let's come together and find out what that is.

People-Powered Change

We know that involving residents in community decisions benefits everyone. Healthy Neighborhoods wants to hear what our neighbors have to say - understand their concerns, dreams and solutions to help make the neighborhood healthy and secure for our children. We'll help define who and what contributes to a safe and healthy life, and lend a hand to improve conditions.

How it works

One local community health worker, or promotora, works in each of the targeted neighborhoods and identifies community resident leadership within the neighborhood. Resident leadership teams are formed in each neighborhood and trained by a community health worker to co-facilitate community asset mapping. Asset mapping is the participatory process by which residents identify their neighborhood assets, which would include individuals, agencies and physical assets. The community health workers will then assist the residents in co-producing individualized community action plans. Residents that are passionate about healthy eating and active living will be supported with resources from Metro Health to plan and initiate evidence-based childhood obesity prevention strategies at the neighborhood level.

Healthy Neighborhoods map
  1. Villarreal Elementary
  2. Five Points
  3. Prospect Hill
  4. Edgewood
  5. Avenida Guadalupe
  6. Palo Alto
  1. Villa Coronado
  2. Mission San Jose
  3. Highland Park
  4. Denver Heights
  5. Camelot I