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¡Viva Heath!

¡Viva Health! is a nutrition education campaign for San Antonio that motivates and inspires healthy eating patterns for individuals and families. When you eat well – you feel great! 

The three core campaign messages are: 

  • ½ your plate fruits & veggies, every meal, every day 
  • For portion control, use a smaller plate 
  • Drink water, not sugary drinks 

The campaign resources are free and downloadable for all – we encourage individuals, businesses, and community organizations to download the campaign material and incorporate the images and messages into your environment or your branded educational materials. By using the same images and language around healthy eating, we amplify the messages using a united approach. 

Metro Health’s vision is that San Antonio is a place where healthy people are thriving in a healthy community.

Logo use agreement

  • Images are downloadable and free for all. 
  • Metro Health encourages use of the image on your organization’s branded educational materials. 
  • Metro Health encourages reproducing the image on promotional materials. 
  • *The ¡Viva Health!! Plate Image may not be altered.


Tips on Managing COVID-19 Stress & Eating

Realize stress impacts your health

Ongoing stress can contribute to serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes as well mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Recognize changes in your eating pattern

Become aware of the why, when, where and how you're eating.

Are you eating for comfort or because you're distracted rather than separating your emotions from food?

Respond to your eating behavior

If COVID-19 has changed the structure of your days, focus on setting up a regular eating schedule or routine.

Planning your meals ahead of time will help prevent mealtime stress.

Reflect on food choices

Did you nourish your body today? Did you fully enjoy your meals without feeling guilty?

Be intentional with your food choices and keep nutritious foods nearby while making non-nutritious foods less convenient.

Rest your mind and body

Set aside time to do something you enjoy and ensure you're getting plenty of sleep.