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Water Sampling at Your Residence

If you feel that your water has a quality issue and you are on a municipal supply, please contact your purveyor (e.g. SAWS, Bexar Met, etc.).

Metro Health’s lab conducts only bacterial testing on water samples for a fee of $25. A sample kit can be picked up at our Laboratory which is located at 2303 SE Military Drive, Bldg 533, San Antonio, TX 78223.

Water Potability Surveys

If you need to have a water potability survey performed, contact us.

Water Potability Survey

Water Sampling · 210.207.8887
Water Potability Survey · 210.207.8853 or email icon

City Sewer Breaks

If the sewer line breaks on your private or commercial property, please call a licensed plumber and have it repaired. In addition, please call SAWS. Then, please call Vector Control and we will respond as well by sending a Vector Control technician out to treat the area, as appropriate. Please note that we do NOT clean up raw sewage on your property.

County Sewer Breaks

Please call Bexar County Public Works.

What if my Neighbor has Raw Sewage Leaking onto my Property?

If you live in the City of San Antonio, please call 311, and if it is a sewer line break, please also contact SAWS. If the issue is taking place in Bexar County, please call Bexar County Public Works.


SAWS · 210.704.7297
Vector Control · 210.207.8853
Bexar County Public Works · 210.335.6700.