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What does Vector Control do?

Metro Health provides pest control services on public property for mosquitoes to protect the residents of and visitors to San Antonio from diseases that these organisms can spread. Vector Control uses source reduction techniques and pesticides as necessary to control mosquitoes on public property by eliminating the breeding source, applying pesticides to stagnant water. “Fogging” for adult mosquitoes is carried out occasionally only on an as-needed basis.

Contact Information

Routine service requests may be made by calling 3-1-1.

To report emergency problems dealing with bee attacks after business hours, on weekends or holidays, call the San Antonio Fire Department by dialing 911. The Vector Control Program does not treat private property for insect or rodent problems.

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Vector Control FAQs

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No, the City does not treat private property for vermin or insects.
Do not disturb them. The City does not treat private property for bees. Contact a licensed pest control service to remove them from your structure.
You can report this to 311 to report the problem.
The City does not have authority to treat private property for bats. The Vector Control program can only inspect your private property and, with the owner’s permission, make recommendations. You will need to hire a private company to treat your property. If the bats are living in an occupied dwelling, it is recommended that they be excluded from the building by sealing all entry points. Bat species are protected by State Law and should be left alone if they are not in an occupied building and not a threat to humans.

The City does not treat private property for mosquitoes. It is possible that they are originating from your property. Make sure you do not have standing water on the ground or containers that are holding water. These are common breeding places for mosquitoes. Questions? Call Vector Control at 3-1-1.

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