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Published on Friday, September 7, 2018

Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales’ statement regarding today’s Council Vote on the Resolution accepting the Housing Policy Task Force Policy Framework Report

CONTACT: Victor Landa, 210-884-3429


SAN ANTONIO (Sept. 6, 2018) - “This has been a 30 year journey that began in the 1980’s when Mayor Henry Cisneros saw the need to prioritize housing as a focus of our city’s health and growth. I’m honored to have been a member of the City Council that finally and at long last brought this initiative to life.


“We are in debt to the members of the Mayor’s Housing Commission who gave of their time and talent to produce a document that will be the blueprint for the future of safe and affordable housing in San Antonio.


“Many of the points mentioned in the commission’s recommendations have come directly from the experience in District 5 and the Housing pilot program that we’ve put into place:  title remediation, building the capacity of small contractors and developers, working with lenders to increase their activity in the most neglected parts of the city.


“The best that we can do to honor the effort of those who came together to make this Commission and their work a reality is to make sure that we put the recommendations into practice and not let it sit, gathering dust on a shelf. We’ve taken the first step today by voting to accept the commission’s recommendations. The next step will come next week as we consider how those recommendations fit into our city budget.


“The most important parts of the report we accepted today are that it comes with a time line and it recommends a Housing Coordinator who will be tasked with bringing together the City’s many housing efforts, harness their energy and close the well documented affordable housing gap.


“The City would do well to keep to the goals and vision set today.”