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Published on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales applauds the approval of the FY 2019 budget and highlights how the funds allocated specifically benefit the District 5 community

CONTACT: Victor Landa, 210-884-3429


SAN ANTONIO (Sept. 13, 2018) - The FY2019 budget approved today moves San Antonio forward on the energy gained by making equity our standard in 2018. I congratulate my colleagues on the council for setting a targeted growth vision while showing the leadership needed to fulfill our basic safety, growth and health responsibilities.


“We saw an example today of how we can advance as we all move together,” said Councilwoman Gonzales. “The budget we approved has been worked on collectively, as a council and as citizens,” she added.


The budget is especially beneficial for District 5 because it takes up where key projects left off last year and sparks the beginning of new initiatives that will transform the community. It addresses housing as a priority initiative and invests in our creative sector, which adds billions of dollars to our economy.


“Often, the requests for arts organizations or other non-profits are received with the impression that they’re handouts, but it’s actually stimulating our economy when we invest in the arts or when we invest in the Maestro Center that is helping startups and helping women in particular that are in non-traditional fields,” Gonzales said.


Community health and wellbeing is also prioritized through funding of the Promotoras Pilot Program, which focuses on wellbeing and preventing child abuse.


Gonzales praised her Council colleagues, saying “it’s the signature work of a council that is inclusive and compassionate and more than anything fiscally responsible to the needs of the city.”


With this budget District 5 grows in these specific ways:

  • 2nd year Equity Budget Policy – This was born from research into street maintenance funding in 2018.
  • Increase in City workforce entry salary to $15.00 per hour
  • Westside Arts Coalition Funding – An innovative way to budget arts.
  • Vision Zero – This program works toward zero traffic fatalities.
  • Guadalupe Plaza improvements – It will re-establish the Plaza as a Westside Community Center.
  • 2nd year Promotoras Pilot Program – An innovative approach to ending child abuse.
  • 2nd year Housing Pilot Program – It targets housing needs for inner-city development.
  • Strategic planning for opportunity zones – Westside/UTSA/Quintana/Port SA targeted growth
  • Housing now a City priority – Using methods and practices learned from the District 5’s 2018 Housing Pilot Program that supports residents, contractors, and small developers to increase supply of affordable housing in the district.
  • Concepción Drainage Project – This is the first phase in the much needed storm drainage project.
  • Westside Development Corporation – It supports business growth specifically along the Nogalitos, Zarzamora, Commerce, and McMullen corridors.
  • Entrepreneurial support for the Maestro Center – This promotes business growth among small businesses in our community.
  • Westside Gateway Project – A visionary redesign, development and transformation of Westside entry points.
  • Parks and Library improvements
  • A continued increase in street and sidewalk improvements