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Published on Thursday, August 15, 2019

Councilwoman Sandoval’s Statements on Resolution Calling for Action on Gun Violence

CONTACT: Matteo Treviño, 210-323-2835


SAN ANTONIO (Aug. 15) — Following City Council’s approval of a resolution calling for action to combat gun violence, Councilwoman Sandoval released the following statements:


“For many in our community, the El Paso shooting feels different. In San Antonio, a city known as ‘the northern most city in Mexico,’ the shooting hits close to home. It feels like it could have happened here.”


“One of our local parishes saw their congregation shrink by half on the Sunday after the El Paso shooting. People are too afraid to send their kids to school and to worship with a group of Latinos in public. Gun violence doesn’t just strike those who were there, it strikes communities far and wide. And we can’t continue to tolerate it.”


“From every level of government—local, state, and federal—we must act. We can’t continue to stand by and let more places like El Paso and Dayton join the steadily growing list of cities, schools, and churches where mass shootings have occurred.”


“In my role as Chairwoman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, I intend to keep the conversation going so that we can come up with solutions for what we, as a City, can do.”


“Given the link between domestic violence and mass shootings, I also intend to support the $1 million included in the proposed FY 2020 General Budget to address domestic and family violence. In a city with epidemic levels of domestic and family violence and in a country with epidemic levels of mass shootings, there is no excuse for inaction.”


“Further, I’m issuing an open invitation to gun owners and vendors to join us as we search for solutions. We need your insight and collaboration to make our community safer.”