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Committee on Emergency Preparedness Receives Initial Answers from CPS Energy on Winter Storm

Communications and Public Affairs: 207-7234
Published on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Committee on Emergency Preparedness Receives Initial Answers from CPS Energy on Winter Storm

CONTACT: Matteo Treviño, 210-323-2835


SAN ANTONIO (April 29, 2021) — The Committee on Emergency Preparedness has divided up its work via agency - CPS Energy, SAWS, and the City’s Emergency Operations center respectively. Councilwoman Sandoval and Chairman Reed Williams were assigned CPS Energy and have received 14 responses to the 29 questions they asked. The answers are available to view on the Committee website.
“I recognize that the work this committee does today could determine how San Antonio fares during a future crisis. That’s why I’m glad we’re taking a thorough and deliberate approach to this work,” said Councilwoman Ana Sandoval. “The public demanded answers, and we’re getting them.”
“These initial responses begin to answer some of the public’s most pressing concerns, namely: what areas of town were affected by the blackouts? Why were the ‘rolling blackouts’ so long? And, ‘How were decisions made between CPS Energy, SAWS, and the City?”
The questions fall into five categories: background information on CPS Energy, power plant performance during the storm, energy pricing during the storm, how CPS Energy managed demand response, and how CPS Energy communicated with the public and other entities during the storm.
“I appreciate CPS Energy’s transparency as we work towards a more resilient San Antonio.”
To read the responses provided to the committee by CPS Energy, visit the Committee's webpage here. The Committee is currently awaiting answers to the remaining questions submitted to CPS Energy.