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City Hall, 4th Floor
100 Military Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205

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  • Trey Jacobson 
    Chief of Staff
  • Marisa Bono
    Chief of Policy
  • Victoria Gonzalez 
    Sr. Policy Advisor

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The Mayor’s Housing Policy Task Force consists of five (5) advisors appointed by the Mayor to assist with the development of a comprehensive and compassionate housing policy framework to address the pressing affordable housing challenges that our city faces.

The Mayor’s office expects the Task Force to create action-oriented policy strategies over the next six months with input from community stakeholders through the creation of technical working groups.

Yes! As the Task Force develops the policy framework and actionable strategies, it plans to host community listening sessions to gather community input on housing priorities, issues and community solutions. Details will be made public once they are finalized.

Please email your name, email address, phone number, business (if applicable), service you are offering or policy area you are interested in addressing, and your council district to Victoria Gonzalez.

The Task Force is not a government entity; however, they have elected to open their meetings to the public. Public input will not be heard at each meeting, but the community will have input on the group’s recommendations throughout the process at a series of community listening sessions. Additionally, City staff will consider the recommendations drafted by the Task Force, and the proposed policies will go through the same process as other recommendations that are considered by the city.

The Mayor’s office is working on a strategy to distribute meeting summaries and information to the public. We will send you the details when that information has been solidified.

The Mayor’s Housing Policy Task Force may have an impact on other housing entities and committees. The Task Force will examine the alignment and/or possible reorganization of the various committees to support City housing and development strategies, but we will not know the impact until the panel comes back with recommendations, and we consider those suggestions.