Department of Government and Public Affairs

About Government Affairs
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The City’s Government Affairs Division is responsible for monitoring state and federal government activities, developing legislative program approved by City Council, managing the City’s federal and state consultants, and coordinating legislative activities with other public and private-sector entities.

Division Functions

Through coordination with City departments, staff perform several intergovernmental relations functions including:

  • The review of federal and state legislation to determine the impact to the City
  • The enactment of federal and state legislative and regulatory initiatives that benefit the City
  • The identification of legislation which would negatively impact the City
  • Involving San Antonio’s legislative and congressional delegations on issues impacting San Antonio
  • Managing the City’s federal and state consultants
Division Responsibilities

Government Affairs is also responsible for identifying and implementing agreements with other public agencies and political organizations in order to provide increased efficiency and service to the citizens of San Antonio.

To accomplish this task, staff:

  • Analyze all current Interlocal agreements in an effort to determine their fiscal impact
  • Assess potential Interlocal agreements with other government entities
  • Negotiate fair and equitable agreements in a professional and timely manner
  • Strengthen communication and working relationships with area political and corporate entities