San Antonio Consular Corps

A total of 106 countries are represented by consulates or honorary consuls across the State of Texas. The Office of the Secretary of the State of Texas maintains a comprehensive listing of all foreign consular offices in Texas which can be found by visiting the Texas Secretary of State website.

Most of those representations are found in Houston, Texas where over 90 different nations are represented, making Houston home to the third-largest consular corps in the United States. For more information visit the Consular Offices in Houston website.

Other large cities in Texas host foreign consulates and the directory of the Secretary of State is the best way to find the closest representation you may be looking for.

In San Antonio, we have a small number of consular representatives based in the San Antonio metro area. The consular offices are represented through the grid with national flags found below. 

Scroll over and click on the flags below for more information about each consulate.