Information Technology Services Department



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City of San Antonio
Information Technology Services Department
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283-3966

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  • Craig Hopkins
    Chief Information Officer
  • Kevin Goodwin
    Chief Technology Officer/Deputy Director
  • Patsy Boozer
    Assistant Director/Chief Security Officer
  • John Rodriguez
    Assistant Director Infrastructure, Public Safety & Operations


San Antonio's Information & Technology Services Department (ITSD) is a centralized office dedicated to powering digital government through technology direction and oversight for the all of the City's services delivered through its many different departments.


We deliver quality City services and commit to achieve San Antonio’s vision of prosperity for our diverse, vibrant, and historic community.

The Information Technology Services Department is dedicated to providing secure, reliable and responsive enterprise-level technology and business solutions that facilitate and enhance the City’s effectiveness in serving the citizens of San Antonio and align with the City’s goals.

ITSD Division Chart

ITSD Org Chart


  • San Antonio will be a safe and clean community.
  • San Antonio will be a city that maximizes its citizens’ wellbeing and human potential while capitalizing on its cultural diversity
  • San Antonio will be a city with a vibrant and diverse economy, which will create better jobs with higher incomes while leveraging its historic and physical diversity to assure a sustainable and attractive community.
  • San Antonio neighborhoods will prosper through the community’s long-term reinvestment and revitalization.
  • San Antonio will promote its unique resources to become a premier visitor and convention destination.


ITSD serves...
  • over 500 City locations with over 6500 networking devices
  • over 1200 virtual and physical servers
  • approximately 8,000 personal computers
  • more than 7,000 IP phones
  • over 4PB of data storage
  • over 1200 database instances
  • information websites with over 160 websites with 10,000+ pages and 30,000+ public facing documents
  • over 160+ web applications to support the function and interaction with the City
  • answers over ? internal custom calls
  • also provides wireless services including radios, wireless data terminals, and mobile phones
ITSD oversees …
  • City’s SAP system and staff
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Public Safety and Court systems
  • All City business systems
  • 80 miles of municipal network fiber
  • 340 ITSD employees who deliver all of the technology services necessary to run the City of San Antonio
  • Budget of more than $60 million
  • San Antonio will benefit from a city government that is innovative and proactive and utilizes best practices in its administrative, financial, and information systems.
  • San Antonio will provide the institutional foundation to support government and promote public trust and awareness
Craig Hopkins, Chief Information Officer Biography