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Our Impact

Since its creation, the Office of Innovation has saved taxpayers approximately $20.3 million. Innovation also works with city departments to find solutions, lead major initiatives and foster innovation. The following is an example of some of the projects the Office of Innovation has completed.

Find Solutions (Internal Consultants)

Municipal Courts Process Improvement

The purpose of the City of San Antonio Municipal Court project was to create a smaller, more versatile and more flexible court that can meet the needs of today’s current customer and the customer of the future.

This was accomplished through the strategic use of technology tied to process improvements, creating a more flexible workforce, and expanding the ability for cases to be handled remotely. As a result of the project, the City of San Antonio will save over $1 million and customers will spend an average of 25% less time at the court.

HR Recruitment Process

In FY 2012, the Office of Innovation led a project to improve the City’s hiring process. The process was improved through the application of LEAN methodology, implementing alternative recruitment methods and fully implementing existing technology.

This project resulted in identifying and hiring the best candidate 75% faster and at almost half the cost.

Lead Major Initiatives (Project Management)

Pre-K 4 SA Start-Up

The Office of Innovation was asked by the City Manager’s Office to assist with the implementation of the program in January 2013.The first two Education Centers were scheduled to open in August 2013, which gave the team approximately six months to complete the project.

Animal Care Services

This project was completed in FY 2011 by the Office of Innovation and the Animal Care Services Department.

Through the use of a balanced approach to strays and enforcement, implementing LEAN process improvement and performance management and re-forging community partnerships, the Animal Care Services Department was able to increase its Live Release Rate from 31% to nearly 77%, and revitalize staff morale and performance—all in just a few months.

Since then, Animal Care Services live release rate has continued to improve to reach over a 90% live release rate in 2016.

Foster Innovation (Innovation Ecosystem)

Smart Cities Initiative

The Office of Innovation has been assigned by the City Manager to lead the City of San Antonio’s Smart City Initiative. Planning for the creation of a formal Smart Cities Program is underway.

Health Department Food Inspections Process Review

In FY 2015, the Office of Innovation studied the San Antonio Metro Health District (SAMHD) Food and Environmental Division (F&E). The scope of study included:

  • Identifying methods to increase public awareness of food establishment compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Analyzing process, policies and procedures from the Division and food vendor perspectives
  • Evaluating complaints received by Division

The result of the project was the creation of an updated scoring system that will be more transparent to the public.

24/7 Performance Measures Report

The Office of Innovation works with departments to create and update the 24/7 Performance Measures Report on a quarterly basis.

The report is a set of performance indicators across seven service categories that provide an overview of how the City is delivering key services to residents.





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