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R&D League: Answer the Call

R&D League Mission

The League will create cross-sector, multi-disciplinary teams that utilize scientific methods & data to investigate new ideas, facilitate evidence-based policymaking, and explore the frontier of innovation for our 1.5 million residents.

Year 1 Results to Date

Launched League with Memorandum of Understanding & City Council approval

Experiments: 6 Scoped, 4 Launched


Grants: 26 Scoped, 14 Submitted


  • NASA Grant - Awarded!
  • Three National Science Foundation Grants
    • Multi-Modal Mobility Ecosystem Connecting SA's Low-Income Communities to Opportunities
    • Community Resilience During Disasters Through Digital Inclusion of Older Adults
    • Making Resilient Routine: Flood Detection and Response

Founding Organizations

City of San Antonio

In year 2, the League will begin scaling the core group of founding organizations to include one new organization per year. If your organization is interested, please fill out an application.

Sectors & Disciplines Represented to Date

4 Sectors
21 Disciplines
162 Collaborators

Cross-sector, multi-disciplinary teams are key to the League's success. The following departments and organizations have participated in one or more R&D League projects.

City of San Antonio

  • 311
  • Animal Care Services
  • City Clerk
  • City Managers Office
  • County Clerk
  • Disability Access Dept.
  • Economic Development
  • Government & Public Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Metro Health
  • Municipal Court
  • Neighborhood & Housing
  • Office of Equity
  • Office of Sustainability
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Planning Dept.
  • Public Works
  • SA Public Library
  • Solid Waste Management

University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research
  • College of Architecture, Construction and Planning
  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Institute for Economic Development
  • Management Science and Statistics
  • Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Office of Legal Affairs
  • Office of Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise
  • Public Policy

Southwest Research Institute

  • Applied Sensing
  • Automated Driving Systems
  • Connected Powertrain
  • Critical Systems
  • Cyber Physical Systems Security
  • Defense & Intelligence Solutions
  • Integrated Corridor Management
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Transportation Technologies


  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Digital Solutions
  • Employee Membership & Innovation
  • Legal
  • Property & Casualty

Other University, Private & Community Partners

  • City of Houston
  • City of Seattle
  • City of Tulsa
  • Incapsulate
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Phin
  • Salesforce
  • Senior Planet- Older Adults Technology Services
  • South West Texas Border Network Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
  • The Policy Lab @ Brown University
  • The University of Washington
  • US Digital Response
  • UT Austin Center for Transportation Research
  • VIA Metropolitan Transit
  • What Works Cities: Behavioral Insights Team

Year 2 Vision

  • Continue to learn from year 1 experiments
  • Apply for R&D grant funding to support innovative experimentation
  • Bridge barriers between practitioners, academics and highly-skilled technicians to create cross-sector, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Put residents at the center of the exploratory and solution-design process
  • Create opportunities for new collaborators to join


Kate Kinnison

Kate Kinnison
R&D Administrator

Rhiannon Pape

Rhiannon Pape
R&D Specialist

2nd Annual R&D League Symposium Talks

View the Symposium Agenda.

Day 1

Day 2

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