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City Manager's Excellence Award

3rd Annual City Manager’s Excellence Award

The City of San Antonio’s CORE Values program recognizes employees who exemplify Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Professionalism. The highest level of this program is the City Manager’s Excellence Award, now in its third year. The presentation this year coincided with Public Service Recognition Week; with over 12,000 employees the City of San Antonio succeeds every day because of our employees

On May 11, 2018, the City Manager awarded the 3rd Annual City Manager’s Excellence Award to five employees who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to public service and to the San Antonio community. We congratulate them for their well-deserved recognition.

Rebecca Boysen

Rebecca Boysen is a Senior Management Analyst with the Department of Human Services and is a 2016 participant from the City’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program. She was recognized for her exceptional professionalism and innovative solutions during a large project with the Department of Human Services. In April 2017, Rebecca was tasked with additional duties related to the SeniorStat Automation project. This project brings automation to senior centers and nutrition sites, which is a benefit to both staff and to participants. Not only did Rebecca make sure all tasks were completed, she also developed a campaign which actively prepared seniors for the rollout. Her efforts ultimately created excitement where there could have been apprehension. She demonstrated a high level of leadership and technical competence, providing confidence to all parties affected.

Dominic Garcia

Dominic Garcia is an Operations Supervisor and a 21-year employee of Transportation and Capital Improvements, and was recognized for his leadership, teamwork and innovative approach to cross-training. As the Mill & Overlay supervisor, Dominic coordinates pavement repairs, which is work that affects city residents by creating safe transportation corridors. In 2017 Dominic took the initiative to cross-train another team as backup for this work. Not only did this provide a new skill set for the other team but also guaranteed the work of maintaining safe roads will continue without disruption. Dominic has long been recognized by his teammates and direct reports for his leadership and management skills. He always joins his team to shovel the asphalt and promotes safety to keep his team ready to complete projects. “Dominic is a shining example of what we hope our supervisors will be and we appreciate his efforts,” said City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

Anayanse Garza

Anayanse Garza is a Community Health Worker with the Healthy Neighborhoods Program at Metro Health for two years, officially joining the City in November 2017. Anayanse was recognized for her work with the Mission Park and Riverside Apartments, near Mission San Jose. She has built incredible trust with the residents in order to make a difference in their future health outcomes. In the summer of 2017, Anayanse’s dedication let to the creation of two experiences for residents. The first trip took both children and adults to the Witte Museum – many for the first time. The second trip was planning in coordination with San Antonio River Authority and took residents kayaking and fishing, and placed an emphasis on healthy snacks during group activities. Her work changes resident’s perceptions of what belongs to them and she helps them reclaim space. In a letter from the San Antonio Housing Authority, “…everyone was in awe of this trip.”

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon is an Education Coordinator at the Carver Community Cultural Center where he – among other duties – oversees an annual three-week theater camp. In the past, this program only provided snacks and in 2017 Andrew noticed many of the students were not able to provide their own lunch. So Andrew reached out to the San Antonio Food Bank to coordinate a healthy lunch program at the camp. The San Antonio Food Bank prepares and delivers the meals at no cost to Andrew’s program and his students get a healthy lunch while they are coming to the camp. During lunch time, children outside of the camp are invited if they are in need of a meal. Meals will again be served during the summer of 2018. Andrew’s observation led to action that will enrich the experience for his students.

Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin is a Senior Human Resources Analyst with the Human Resources Department. Michelle completed the City’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program in 2017 and was recognized with this award for her dedication to enhance and expand the GED prep program. This program affects City employees who can earn their degree while working for the City. In 2017 Michelle took several efforts to increase participation; she found new, more convenient locations and times for the classes, and she identified a partnership opportunity with Northside Adult Education that helps the City provide the classes at no charge to the employees or to the City. This allows the original course funding to be redirected to other training initiatives. Michelle also identified supplemental study materials to be purchased for employees and the need to add the GED prep program to the City’s tuition reimbursement program. Most of all, she is a resource and a supporter for employees enrolled in the course and regularly checks in on the class after work hours.