Mission Parkway National Register District

The National Register of Historic Places-listed Mission Parkway Historic District encompasses most of the Mission Trails hike-and-bike trail alignment and includes a variety of historic resources including archeological sites, buildings, and structures. These resources date from the prehistoric period through the early twentieth century. In particular, the district includes the four southern missions (Mission Nuestra Señora de la Purísma Concepción de Acuña, Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, Mission San Juan Capistrano, and Mission San Francisco de la Espada), their acequia systems and agricultural fields, a number of prehistoric and historic archeological sites, and select historic buildings and structures including Stinson Airport, the Yturri-Edmunds House, and dwellings formerly associated with the historic neighborhoods around the missions. The wide variety of resources represented reflects San Antonio’s diverse history as well as the evolution of its historic landscape over the preceding centuries (Clark et al 1975).

Though impacted by modern development in many areas, sections of the district, particularly near the San Antonio River and the mission complexes, still retain some of their historic integrity and provide visitors with a sense of what the landscape would have looked like during the Mission era. In particular, some areas of the district are still divided into long lots (known historically as labores) fronting onto the San Antonio River or onto an acequia. Though no longer in cultivation, the land subdivisions and boundary demarcations, which often include lateral acequias or irrigation ditches, are reminiscent of historic land use patterns in the area. When viewed in association with the iconic Spanish-Colonial era structures, visitors of the Mission Trails hike-and-bike trail corridor are provided with a vivid picture of how early San Antonio formed and how significant its Spanish Colonial history was to the creation of the modern city’s landscape. Additional information regarding the Mission Parkway Historic District can be found on the City of San Antonio’s Historic Preservation Office website.


  • Clark, John, Adan Benavides, Dan Scurlock, and Dana Isham

    1975 - National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form, Mission Parkway, Prepared by Texas Historical Commission, State Archeologist’s Office.
MP Site # Resource Name Approximate Date Site Type
MP-1 41BX237 Hot Wells Bath House Late 19th century/1925 Historic
MP-2 N/A Ripford Street Houses Early 20th century Historic
MP-3 41BX238 Site Near Saint Joseph's Children's Home Unknown Prehistoric/Historic
MP-4 41BX239 Abandoned Cemetery 1921–1953 Historic
MP-5 41BX240 Inactive Well/Dump 1946 Historic
MP-6 41BX241 Brown Site Unknown Prehistoric/Historic
MP-7 41BX242 James House 1870s–1880s Historic
MP-8 41BX243 F.E. Grothaus Residence Circa 1884 Historic
MP-9 41BX244 Three Houses on Lamm Property Circa 1920 Historic
MP-10 41BX245 Kunze Store and Saloon 1880s Historic
MP-11 41BX246 Stone Ruin at Bergs Mill Circa 1840s Historic
MP-12 41BX247 Bazan House and Store Foundation Early 20th century Historic
MP-13 41BX248 Aboriginal Site South of Tuckers Unknown Late Prehistoric-Early Historic
MP-14 41BX249 Aboriginal Site above Espada Aqueduct Unknown Prehistoric-Historic
MP-15 41BX250 Foundation of the Huron House Unknown Historic
MP-16 41BX251 Graf Site Unknown Prehistoric-Historic
MP-17 41BX252 Jacales Site Circa late 19th century–1930s Historic
MP-18 41BX253 Ashley House Late 19th century Historic
MP-19 41BX255 Oliva Site #2 Unknown Prehistoric-Historic
MP-20 41BX256 Barajas Site Unknown Prehistoric-Early Historic
MP-21 41BX257 Padre Navarro House Early 1800's Historic
MP-22 41BX258 Zuniga House Last half of the 19th century Historic
MP-23 41BX259 Antonia Huron House Pre 1854 Historic
MP-24 41BX260 Teresa Bustilla Rivas House Circa 1857 Historic
MP-25 N/A Cockfighting Pit 1920s–1940s Historic
MP-26 N/A Old Bergs Mill Bridge 1914/1921 Historic
MP-27 41BX278 Yturri-Edmunds House and Mill 1824 Historic
MP-28 41BX279 Charles Pyron Homestead 1830s–1840s Historic
MP-29 41BX280 Old Espada Dam 1720s–1730s Historic
MP-30 41BX281 Espada Aqueduct 1740–1745 Historic
MP-31 N/A Former Indian Site at Lone Star Brewery Unknown Archaic-Early Historic
MP-32 41BX265 Site of Berg Brothers' Mill Circa 1880 Historic
MP-33 N/A Grothaus Mill/San Juan Site 1884–1885 Historic
MP-34 41BX266 Old San Juan Dam Site 1730s Historic
MP-35 N/A Training Area for Teddy Roosevelt’s "Rough Riders" 1898 Historic
MP-36 N/A Site of White Horse Tavern Circa 1920 Historic
MP-37 N/A Bergs Mill Trading Post Circa 1899 Historic
MP-38 N/A Livestock Slaughtering House Early 1900s Historic
MP-39 N/A World's Fairgrounds 1888–1910 Historic
MP-40 N/A Site of Bergs Mill Railroad Depot and Platforms 17 November 1885 Historic
MP-41 N/A Schuermeyer and Exposition Park Circa 1909 Historic
MP-42 N/A World War II Military Complex 1942–1946 Historic
MP-43 N/A Water-Powered Electric Mill-White Avenue Early 1930s Historic
MP-44 N/A Hangar #9, Brooks Field 1917 Historic
MP-45 N/A Movie and Community Building 1913 Historic
MP-46 N/A Site of Battle of Concepcion 28 October 1835 Historic
MP-47 N/A First Site of Mission San Jose February 1720 Historic
MP-48 N/A Second Site of Mission San Jose 1724–1727 Historic
MP-49 N/A Site of Mission San Francisco Xavier de Najera 12 March 1722 Historic
MP-50 N/A O. Henry House 1855 Historic
MP-51 N/A Meyer House Pre 1925 Historic
MP-52 41BX12 Mission Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion de Acuna 1755 Historic
MP-53 41BX3 Mission San Jose Y san Miguel Y Aguayo Late 18th century Historic
MP-54 41BX5 Mission San Juan Capistrano 1750s Historic
MP-55 41BX4 Mission San Francisco de la Espada Circa 18th century Historic
MP-56 N/A Site of Gutierrez Homestead Circa 1855 Historic
MP-57 N/A Gutierrez House on Espada Road Mid 19th century Historic
MP-58 N/A School House 1914 Historic
MP-59 N/A Sabino Olivas House Circa 1909 Historic
MP-60 N/A Former School House Late 19th century Historic
MP-61 N/A Reported but Unlocated Prehistoric Indian Site Unknown Prehistoric
MP-62 N/A Site of Windburn Plane Crash 15-Oct-27 Historic
MP-63 N/A Site of Horn Palace Tavern Circa 1915 Historic
MP-64 N/A Chapa Store Circa 1929 Historic
MP-65 N/A Stinson Field 1915 Historic
MP-66 41BX267 San Jose Acequia 1730 Historic
MP-67 41BX268 San Jose Acequia Circa 1730 Historic
MP-68 N/A Concepcion Acequia 1730 Historic
MP-69 41BX269 Espada Acequia 1731 Historic
MP-70 N/A San Jose Dam Site Late 1720s Historic
MP-71 N/A Daura House 1880s–1890s Historic
MP-72 N/A Mission Concepcion Dam Site Circa 1730 Historic
MP-73 N/A Loeloff House Circa 1906 Historic
MP-74 N/A Delgado House Circa 1905 Historic
MP-75 N/A Poor Cemetery 1865-1920 Historic
MP-76 41BX270 Bustillo House Circa 1890 Historic
MP-77 N/A Site of Basilio H. Bustillo House Early 1800s Historic
MP-78 N/A Geissler House Circa 1910 Historic
MP-79 N/A Site of the Texas Powder Company Mill Unknown Historic
MP-80 N/A Granato House 1910–1915 Historic
MP-81 N/A Cozy Corners 1909 Historic
MP-82 N/A Ernesto Olivas House Circa 1920 Historic
MP-83 N/A Reyes House Circa 1910 Historic
MP-84 41BX254 Prehistoric Indian Site Unknown Prehistoric

Mission Parkway National Register District Map

Mission Parkway National Register District Map
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