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The New City Block Plat Map Books Collection consists of 154 books, each containing 100 pages of city block plats. Because of the large number of plats, multiple finding aids have been created to represent the collection. Each finding aid listed in the left hand column below represents one book of plats, and contains a page-by-page, block-by-block listing of the plats in that book, along with a listing of the street names and other features indicated on each plat. Each item listed in the finding aids is linked to a digital image of that plat. Indexes that list all the terms used in each finding aid are available in the column on the right. All finding aids and indexes listed below will open as a keyword-searchable PDF in a new tab or window.

Finding aids for NCB 1100 and higher are not currently available, but images of the plats are available upon request. Please contact the Archives by online form or telephone at 210.207.4214 in order to access images of plats that are not available online. Additional plat images and finding aids will be made available as time and resources permit.

Block Plat Map Books Collection
(ca. 1920s - 1990)
Index Terms
New City Block A-1 through A-69 Index Terms A-1 through A-69
New City Block 100 through 199 Index Terms 100 through 199
New City Block 200 through 299 Index Terms 200 through 299
New City Block 300 through 399 Index Terms 300 through 399
New City Block 400 through 499 Index Terms 400 through 499
New City Block 500 through 599 Index Terms 500 through 599
New City Block 600 through 699 Index Terms 600 through 699
New City Block 700 through 799 Index Terms 700 through 799
New City Block 800 through 899 Index Terms 800 through 899
New City Block 900 through 999 Index Terms 900 through 999
New City Block 1000 through 1099 Index Terms 1000 through 1099