Housing Commission

Goals & Priorities

The charge of the new Housing Commission is to serve as a public oversight Board to guide the implementation of the MHPTF’s recommendations and engage the public. The commission goals are as follows: 

  • Oversee the implementation of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force priorities:Develop a Coordinated Housing System to include a High Level Executive; Increase City Investment in Housing; Increase Affordable Housing Production, Rehabilitation, and Preservation; Protect and Promote Neighborhoods through anti-displacement; Ensure Accountability to the Public by creating a collaborative ecosystem of communication between community, city staff, and public officials 
  • Implement a holistic and comprehensive anti-displacement strategy
  • Engage and educate the public on importance of affordable housing and resources available to prevent and mitigate to include mutual education to occur between City and the communities it serves;
  • Cultivate partnerships and leverage cross-sector resources in the coordination and delivery of housing;
  • Focus on Equity and Advocate for additional funding for affordable housing to expand new affordable housing, anti-displacement, and increased affordable housing with deeper affordability targets of 30/50/60% AMI;
  • Define Outcomes and People-Focused metrics to stay on track for short-term and long-term goals while implementing best practices and engaging impacted communities in evaluation of success.

Board Members/ Bios

Next housing commission meeting is on June 9, 2021

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Links to meeting information can be found below. Agenda, presentation and reports will be added as they become available for each date.

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View the process for participating in Pubic Comment.

Participating in Public Comment

Members of the public may provide comment on any agenda item, consistent with procedural rules governing the Housing Commission meetings and state law. Public comment may be provided in English, Spanish, or another language through the any of the following methods:

  1. Submit written comments by 4 P.M. the day before the meeting. Written comments submitted multiple ways:
    • By email to housingpolicy@sanantonio.gov
    • On our webpage at https://www.sanantonio.gov/NHSD/Coordinated-Housing/Housing-Commission
    • By mail or dropped off at the Neighborhood & Housing Services Department, 1400 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX 78204.

      Written statements can be up to 300 words. Please include your full name, email address, phone number, and the item number you wish to speak on if applicable. These will be read at the time the item is heard. Comments without an item number will be read during the Public Comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

  2. Leave a voice message by dialing 210.207.4686 by 12 Noon the day of the meeting. Your message can be up to three minutes long and will be played during the meeting. Please include your full name, home or work address, and the item number you wish to speak on, if applicable.
  3. Give your comments live during the meeting. Sign up by calling 210.207.4686 by 12 noon the day of the meeting. Please include your full name, phone number to which to call you during the session, and the item number on which you would like to speak. City staff will call you when your item is up for discussion but cannot guarantee a specific time after 4 P.M. Once you join the call, you will be given three minutes to provide your comments.

Comments in languages other than English are welcome. All written comments must be received by 4 pm the day before the meeting. Voicemails or sign-ups to speak must be received by 12 noon the day of the meeting.

Sign up to speak using:
Housing Commission Registration & Public Comment Form

Archived Meetings, Agendas, and Reports

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Archived Meetings, Agendas, and Reports