Coordinated Housing Overview

About Coordinated Housing System

Neighborhood and Housing Services is spearheading the establishment of a coordinated housing system. The system will: 

  • Leverage new funding for housing production, home rehabilitation, and affordable housing preservation
  • Align the efforts of the public and private sectors so services, regulations, and funding requirements are more uniform when possible
  • Distribute information effectively and efficiently to members of the coordinated system so resources and capacity can be leveraged
  • Bridge the digital divide to provide equitable resources across San Antonio
  • Keep the City and its partners accountable for investment and production targets

To achieve our goal of providing San Antonio's resents with decent, safe, affordable, and stable housing, we need a diverse network of public and private organizations. If your organization works to address affordable housing needs of San Antonio's residents either directly or indirectly, please reach out to our staff using the contact information below. Please join us!



  • San Antonio Housing Resource Guide (PDF)

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