Office of Urban Development San Antonio

Our SA

Values & Mission

The Urban Renewal Agency for the City of San Antonio dba Office of Urban Redevelopment San Antonio (OUR SA) promotes efforts that eliminate urban blight and slums through legal activities such as slum clearance, redevelopment, rehabilitation and conservation. OUR SA also enhances opportunities for the City of San Antonio to create new jobs, revitalize neighborhoods and sustain livability. We do this with respect for our neighbors, integrity, stewardship and an open flow of communication.

  • Revitalize existing neighborhoods through the development of affordable and diverse housing (mixed use and income).
  • Expand development activities to include non-residential infill properties
  • Develop Land Bank activities with the flexibility to expedite the revitalization of targeted areas of the City of San Antonio
  • Improve communications with internal and external partners

The Urban Renewal Agency, originally referred to as the San Antonio Development Agency (SADA), was established by voter referendum in 1957. SADA was organized to develop and implement strategies to eliminate community slum and blight and also meet the revitalization and redevelopment directives of the City of San Antonio as identified by City management and as approved by the City Council.

In 1993, the mission of the agency was redefined to focus on affordable housing efforts inside Loop 410. Two years later, San Antonio Affordable Housing, Inc. (SAAH) was established by City Ordinance as a non-profit component of the OUR SA. The mission of SAAH was to develop affordable housing in targeted areas of the City. This mission was later expanded by amendment to include technical and economic assistance to promote both affordable housing and business and commercial development.

In 2006, Housing and Neighborhood Services assumed all SADA/SAAH responsibilities and functions. The Urban Renewal Agency underwent a rebranding in 2010 and changed its “doing business as” to Office of Urban Redevelopment (OUR SA) to give itself more name recognition within the community. SAAH remained a separate but associated entity.

OUR SA, through its non-profit SAAH, is responsible for all land bank activities involving the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of properties in targeted areas. The legal ability to acquire and hold properties, as well as the actions of SAAH, are subject to all applicable Federal, State and local guidelines and rules, as well as approval by the City Council.

Learn more about OUR SA through our Land Bank Program and our Infill Pilot Program.

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