Office of Urban Development San Antonio



The Urban Renewal Agency for the City of San Antonio, referred to as San Antonio Development Agency (SADA), was established by voter referendum in 1957. Since inception, SADA has been involved in 24 urban renewal plans and projects throughout the City.  In 2010, SADA was rebranded as “Office of Urban Redevelopment San Antonio (OUR SA) to give itself new and fresh name recognition.

The Mission of OUR SA is to development and implement strategies to eliminate community slums and blighted areas and also meet the revitalization, redevelopment, rehabilitation and conservation directives as identified by City management and approved by City Council.

In 1993, the Mission of the Agency was redefined to focus on affordable housing efforts inside Loop 410. Two years later, San Antonio Affordable Housing, Inc. (SAAH) was established by City Ordinance as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit component of OUR SA.  The board members of SAAH are either the existing Commissioners of OUR SA, or may be appointed by the OUR SA board in accordance with the Corporation’s Bylaws.

The Mission of SAAH is to develop affordable housing, improve the existing affordable housing stock, and combat community deterioration through housing and community development related programs and activities.

OUR SA and SAAH Board and Current Members

The legal authority for OUR SA was established by referendum election in 1057 under Title 12, Chapter 374 (Urban renewal in Municipalities) of the Texas Local Government Code. OUR SA is comprised of seven (7) Commissioners appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for staggered two year terms.  Commissioners are required to be residents of the City and shall be owners of real property.

2019-2020 Commissioners (OUR SA) and Directors (SAAH)




David Rodriguez

Mayoral Appointment


Susan Wright

Mayoral Appointment

Vice Chairman

Maria Nelson

Mayoral Appointment


Juan Garcia

Mayoral Appointment


Ramiro Gonzales

Mayoral Appointment


Zar Haro

Mayoral Appointment



Mayoral Appointment


Meetings are open to the public and are held on the third (3rd) Wednesday of every month at noon in the NHSD conference room at 1400 S. Flores, San Antonio, Texas.


1. Infill Pilot Program (IPP)

Infill Pilot Program (IPP) The Infill Pilot Program was created in 2011 with a budget of $1.5 million from the General Fund. Through the IPP, vacant lots are acquired by SAAH and sold to builders for the construction of new energy efficient, affordable homes. Construction financing, City fee waivers, grants and discounted lot pricing are provided to the builders to ensure affordability. Since the program's inception in 2011, 26 new affordable homes have been constructed and sold in Council District 1- Five Points (8 homes); District 3 – Sunny Slope (8 homes); and District 6 – Los Jardines (10 homes). This Program was completed and the remaining construction funds of $616,000 were reassigned to the REnewSA Affordable Housing Program.  

2. Neighborhood Stabilization Program Land Banking Program (NSP Land Banking Program) 

NSP land banking was initiated in 2013 with a budget of $1.25 million in federal HOME funds. Through this program, SAAH acquires and rehabilitates foreclosed homes in targeted areas for sale to qualified families with incomes below 120% of the local average median income. Properties are acquired from banks, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, FHA, and other lending institutions by SAAH. Since 2013, 25 homes have been acquired and 22 homes have been rehabilitated and sold. Although the NSP Program cannot profit from the sale of the homes, the proceeds from each sale does result in program income.  This income is given back to the program for the acquisition and rehabilitation of additional foreclosed homes. The properties acquired to date are in the following Council Districts:

District 1 - 5 homes

District 2 - 6 homes

District 3 - 6 homes

District 5 - 2 homes

District 6 - 1 home

District 7 - 5 homes           

NOTE: The Program is active in continuing to review and acquired foreclosed properties within targeted areas of the City.  

3. REnewSA Housing Program 

Initial funding of $670,000 in City General Funds. Recently, REnewSA absorbed the functions of the IPP and the associated funding of $616,000 for a total program budget of $1.286 million. This funding is used for acquisition and construction financing. REnewSA is an interagency collaborative organized by the City of San Antonio and its REnewSA partners:

Department of Planning & Community Development | Office of Historic Preservation | OUR SA | Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI) | San Antonio Housing Authority | Development Services Department | Center City Development Office | Nonprofit Housing Providers | Office of Sustainability | Build San Antonio Green  

REnewSA is a City initiative for organizing and strategically deploying community development tools to create value from vacant, neglected and underutilized propertiesSimilar to the IPP, SAAH, through REnewSA, has acquired vacant infill lots to sell to builders for the construction of new energy efficient affordable homes. Since inception in 2013, 25 lots have been acquired, 24 of which have been sold to both nonprofit builders and private developers for the construction of 23 affordable homes (two lots were combined – 1 lot was flood plain).

District 2 - 5 vacant lot – 5 new homes

District 4 - 1 vacant lot -1 new home

District 5 - 3 vacant lots – 3 new homes

District 6-14 vacant lots – 13 new homes 

NOTE: The Program is active in continuing to review and acquired vacant infill properties within targeted areas of the City.  

4. COSA Foreclosed Properties in District 2 

On July 16, 2016, Council approved the sale of 19 City owned foreclosed properties in Council District 2 to San Antonio Affordable Housing (SAAH) for the disposition to affordable housing developers. The process requires SAAH to first purchase the properties from the City and pay off any outstanding fees due under foreclosure. Once the properties are deeded over to SAAH, a contract is prepared between SAAH and a developer for construction of an affordable home. The deed to SAAH as well as the deed to the developer contains a restriction for sale to a buyer with the income at or below 120% of the average median income for San Antonio.  Of the 19 properties, SAAH has acquired 13 vacant lots of which 9 have been sold to affordable housing builders. Of the 9 properties sold, 4 homes are completed and sold, and 5 are either under construction or in the permitting stage. The remaining 4 lots owned by SAAH are inventory for sale.       

5. SAAH/OURSA Disposition Program

OURSA and SAAH currently have 19 vacant properties in their inventory. Since none of the properties are in the approved NSP or REnewSA program areas, they will be made available for disposition to the public or for other appropriate uses. Buildable lots sold to the public must be used for affordable housing. Of the remaining 19 properties, 10 are under contract for the development of 10 single family homes in District 2. Three other properties in District 2 are under contract for light industrial and storage use. Four properties are remnants or unbuildable, one property on Crystal is on MLS for sale, and another property of Frio is being considered for the 2017 Bond project.