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2017 Neighborhood Improvements Bond

On May 6, 2017, the San Antonio public approved six propositions for the City’s 2017-2022 Bond Program totaling $850 million. Proposition 6, Neighborhood Improvements, authorizes the City to issue bonds in the amount of $20 million, the proceeds from which will be used to: acquire properties within 12 identified Neighborhood Improvement Areas; improve and dispose of acquired property to facilitate private sector development of single- family, multi-family or mixed-use projects; for the purpose of eliminating slum or blight conditions or to prevent the spread of those conditions, consistent with the City’s 2017 Urban Renewal Plan, adopted by City Council on February 2, 2017. The City will not build housing, but will rely on non-profit and private sector housing developers to do so.

The primary goal is to purchase and prepare sites for private sector development of single-family or multi-family workforce housing construction. Permitted expenditures include land acquisition, demolition of dilapidated/unusable structures, right-of-way improvements, extension of utilities, and remediation of environmental conditions impeding development.

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Workforce housing coming soon!

Below are the City Council approved projects provided through the 2017 Neighborhood Improvements Bond: 

3830 Parkdale Drive (District 8)

  • 196-units all at or below 60% AMI (HUD) - (101-units) 2 bed/2 bath - 850 sqft | (95-units) 3 bed/2 bath - 1,090 sqft
  • Council Approved - January 2019
  • Construction Start - April 2020 | Est. Completion - October 2021

S. Frio Street (District 5)

  • 12-units with 50% at or below 80% AMI (HUD) - (6-units) 2 bed/1 bath - 700 sqft | (6-units) 2 bed/2 bath - 920 sqft
  • Council Approved - June 2019
  • Construction Start - January 2020 | Est. Completion - January 2021

Southeast Service Center Redevelopment (District 3)

  • 292-units with two thirds of the units at or below 60% AMI with over 15% available to families earning between 30-50% AMI - (204-units) 2 bed/2 bath - 850 sqft | (88-units) 3 bed/2 bath - 1,093 sqft

  • Council Approved - October 2019
  • Construction Start - July 2020 | Est. Completion - January 2022
Individual Maps of Neighborhood Improvement AreaS
Culebra at Callaghan
Culebra at Callaghan map

Low-Res Map
High-Res Map

East Southcross
    East Southcross map    
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
Edgewood map
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
Lincoln Park-Arena
Lincoln Park-Arena map 
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map

Near East 
  Near East map  
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
Near West-Five Points 
Near West-Five Points map
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
Pearsall map
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
    Roosevelt-Mission Reach    
  Roosevelt-Mission Reach map  
 Low-Res Map
High-Res Map

Southeast map
 Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
South Park
South Park map
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
West Side
  West Side map  
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map
Wurzbach map
Low-Res Map
High-Res Map


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