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Operation Facelift will provide one (1) complimentary design that enhances your building based on the budget.  The approved final design will be then used by the construction team to improve your building.

As part of the Operation Facelift Program, we offer complimentary design services that:

  1. Analyze the building
  2. Offer suggestions for improvements, most of which will be implemented.
  3. Provide final storefront elevation drawing

If selected, you agree to allow Operation Facelift to rehabilitate your building.  After the design phase, Operation Facelift is in direct contact with the construction team .  The Operation Facelift program will take care of

  1. Soliciting bids from small construction firms 
  2. Implementing the final design
  3. Providing payment to the construction firms



Invitation for Bids

2017 Update: The Invitation for Bids is now closed.

The Operation Facelift program, funded through Housing and Urban Development. 

The key objective of the program is to revitalize and return activity to commercial corridors. Fresh paint, new awnings, or complete facade rehabilitation all signal that something positive is happening. These first few steps can be the spark to ignite interest and spur new commercial activity. Operation Facelift provides a catalyst for these first steps. 

Operation Facelift is a grant program with funds to support façade improvement projects on commercial buildings located in target areas. Participating projects are reimbursed for eligible façade improvements. The maximum grant award is $26,900 and funds are distributed upon completion of phase or project.

A contract is administered between property owner (applicant) and City of San Antonio (grantor). An agreement is created between grantor and small business construction firm (contractor).  An agreement between applicant and contractor must also be made to coordinate scheduling.  

Selected contractors must adhere to Prevailing Wages. A meeting will be organized by the applicant with selected contractor and city staff prior to commencement of construction. 

Funding is provided directly to contractor upon completion of the improvements. Applicants are responsible for time management on site, obtaining all permits and approvals, correcting any code violations,  and maintenance of the façade improvements for up to five years. 

Contractors cannot be paid until work is inspected by staff, prevailing wage is submitted and an invoice is provided.  Funds are provided no less than two weeks after submission of all required paperwork.  

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October  16, 2017

2018 round of applications opens for select target areas.

December 21, 2017, 4:00 PM

Deadline for applications personally delivered and via email

January 12, 2018

Grantees Awarded