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Home Repair Programs - Citywide

The Minor Repair & Owner-Occupied Rehab Program Application process is closed.

Staff is currently processing 2021 applications selected through the lotter process for both programs. 

NHSD does not keep a waiting list for the Minor Repair or Owner-Occupied Rehab Program. Homeowners not selected in the lottery are encouraged to reapply the following year. 

Check this website in September 2021 when program information and applications may be available for Fiscal Year 2022.

Under 1 Roof Program

The Under 1 Roof Program replaces worn and damaged roofs with new, energy-efficient white shingle roofs for qualified homeowners. The City of San Antonio will place a restrictive covenant on the property requiring homeowners to maintain ownership and occupancy for five (5) years after project completion.

For your health and safety, you are encouraged to submit applications and required documentation by mail to:

Neighborhood & Housing Services Department
Attn: Under One Roof
1400 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX, 78204

To minimize lobby traffic, any in-person submissions must be made by appointment. To schedule an appointment at 1400 S. Flores, call 210.207.6459

Applications can also be submitted at the Financial and Housing Recovery Center located at the Central Library, 600 Soledad Street. Appointments are required. To schedule an appointment at the Financial and Housing Recovery Center, call 210.207.2275.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Property must be a single-family home within San Antonio city limits (Districts 1-10)
  • Homeowner must have a current year Homestead Exemption on the property
  • Homeowner must be current on property taxes, payment plan, or have an active deferral
  • Homeowner must be a US citizen or Legal Resident
  • Property must be solely owned and occupied (all owner(s) must reside there)
  • Homeowner must have clear title with no federal or state tax liens or judgments
  • Home must be less than 1,700 sq. ft.
  • Household gross income must not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) as established by HUD, unless the homeowner is over 62 years old, disabled, or a veteran
    • Homeowners who are over 62 years old, disabled, or veterans do not have to meet income limits to qualify, but are still required to submit income documentation.
  • Property must not have metal roof, gravel roof, clay tiles, or wood shingles
  • If insured, homeowner must not have received insurance payout for full roof replacement claims in the last five (5) years. Claim documentation must be submitted.

Program Guidelines

  • All complete applications will be processed in the order they are received, until funding is exhausted. Under 1 Roof is not an emergency roof replacement program and application processing can take up to eight months, depending on demand.
  • Final eligibility is determined upon roof assessment performed at the property by City staff, third-party inspector, or contractor.
  • Roofs requiring structural repairs are not eligible for Under 1 Roof.
  • Properties in need of significant repairs or full rehabilitation may be denied from the program.
  • All Under 1 Roof projects use white, 3-tab asphalt shingles and reflective radiant barrier underlayment to increase energy savings and overall energy efficiency of the home.
  • Roof replacement is limited to the primary house on the property. Roofing on detached structures will not be replaced (no detached garages, car ports, sheds, etc.).
  • Under 1 Roof is one-time grant, not to exceed $14,000 per household.
  • City staff will review insurance claim history from the last five years to confirm eligibility.

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The application process is closed for this program year.

This program addresses health and safety items such as plumbing, electrical, non-working utilities, broken windows, damaged doors or other items in need of repair.

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program (OOR)-Council Districts 1-7 Only

The Application process is closed for this program year. 

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program assists qualified homeowners with low to moderate income rehabilitate their substandard and non-code compliant residential properties by providing deferred forgivable loans to cover the cost of the needed repairs. These repairs focus on health and safety, accessibility, and major system concerns. 

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Homeowner must be a US citizen or Legal Resident
  • Homeowner must have clear title and must occupy property
  • Property value with rehabilitation cannot exceed $178,500
  • Mortgage loans must be current, mortgage balance and home’s square footage may impact eligibility
  • Property must be an owner-occupied, single-family home
  • Property must be within City Council District 1-7
  • Homeowner and property must be clear of liens or judgment, except for mortgages
  • Property taxes must be current; taxes in arrears, deferrals and payment plans are not eligible
  • Property must be designated a Homestead with the Bexar County Appraisal District
  • Utility bills must be in the homeowner's name
  • Rental properties, mobile homes and duplexes are not eligible
  • Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, reverse mortgage loans are not eligible
  • Homeowner is not eligible if an existing HUD or City funded rehabilitation contract exist for: Down Payment Assistance or OOR restrictive covenant, excluding lead-based paint remediation
  • Household gross income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) limits: 
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual Income $40,350 $46,100 $51,850 $57,600 $62,250 $66,850 $71,450 $76,050

Program Terms and Requirements

Assistance is a deferred forgivable loan to homeowner (repayment not required & percentage forgiven annually).

Amount of Assistance Terms
$5,001 to $50,000 10 years
Over $50,001 15 years
Reconstruction 20 year
  • If property is vacated, leased, or sold during the contract period: balance becomes due & payable
  • Site Inspection will determine the amount of assistance needed and repair cost
  • Lien: Deed of Trust and Restrictive Covenant will be recorded at the Bexar County Clerk’s Office
  • Homeowner’s property insurance must be maintained throughout the entire contract period
  • Homeowner MUST move out prior to the start of rehabilitation for 3-6 months
  • Homeowner is responsible for moving and temporary housing living expense
  • Property taxes and homeowner’s insurance must be maintained for the entire contract period
  • Flood Insurance required if property is located in a flood zone
  • Contract period is determined by rehabilitation amount invested into the property

To apply for assistance click on the following:

Green & Healthy Homes

The City of San Antonio’s Green and Healthy Homes (SAGHH) provides assistance to owners and landlords of residential properties (both single-family and multi-family ) in creating healthy, safe, energy-efficient and sustainable homes for families and children. The SAGHH is working to prevent and correct housing-related health and safety hazards, such as addressing lead-based paint, household asthma triggers and fire hazards.


  • House must be built prior to 1978; AND
  • House must be located within the City of San Antonio; AND
  • A child age 5 and under must reside in the home or spend at least 6 hours per week in the home; AND
  • Have a clear title to property; AND
  • Must be current with property taxes; AND
  • Household must meet HUD established Income Guidelines for families earning 80% or below of Area Median Income.


City of San Antonio, Neighborhood and Housing Services Department
Phone: 210.207.GHHI (4444)


Interested in applying for the SAGHH Program? Click on our application below:


There are no District-Specific programs at this time



The following additional programs, not administered by NHSD, are available to residents. Please contact the agency listed for more information.

S.T.A.R. (Students Together Achieving Revitalization)

Assists property owners with repairs to windows and screens, siding, and porches, as well as provides general yard maintenance and exterior painting. This is a free service to eligible property owners.


Agency: City of San Antonio, Office of Historic Preservation 
Website; S.T.A.R. (Students Together Achieving Revitalization)
Phone: 210.207.0035

Casa Verde

Provides free weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades for income-qualified renters and owners.


Agency: CPS Energy
Website: Casa Verde
Phone: 210.353.2272

Fair Housing Counseling

HUD-approved housing counseling agency which provides services to tenants, homeowners, and landlords, including investigation of discrimination complaints, mediation, plan reviews for accessibility, and more.


Agency: City of San Antonio, Department of Human Services
Website: Fair Housing Program
Phone: 210.207.8198

San Antonio was recently hit by severe hail storms, damaging homes and vehicles. Please see the tips below to avoid scams while repairing your property.
  • If someone is knocking on your door to sell you a service, it’s almost guaranteed to be a scam. You didn’t buy your insurance policy from a door-to-door salesman - why would you choose a door-to-door salesman to handle your insurance claim?

  • Just because the person on the phone says they are from the “claims department," the “claims headquarters,” or an adjuster’s office doesn’t mean you have to talk to them or that they are legitimate.  

  • Just because a roofer is fixing your neighbor’s roof doesn’t mean the roofer has a license or that the roofer can back up a warranty. Do your research - ask for proof of a license and demand to see a copy of their insurance coverage.

  • The City of San Antonio maintains a database of licensed roofers. If they are not on the list, they are not licensed. You can search our DATABASE to check if the roofer is licensed.

  • You MUST obtain a city permit to replace or repair your roof. Usually the permits are approved within 24 hours IF the permit is submitted by a registered roofer. You can learn about roof permits HERE

  • If a roofer tells you that a license and a permit are not required, that roofer is LYING TO YOU and it’s a scam.  

  • Do not allow a roofer or an adjuster to endorse checks for you. A legitimate roofer or claims-handler will never ask you for permission to sign your name.

  • Never EVER sign an attorney engagement agreement if the agreement is handed to you by a roofer or a claims-handler. It’s a scam and it is a very serious criminal violation of barratry laws. 

  • If the claims-handler or the roofer promises they will negotiate a complete roof replacement for you, you are not dealing with an honest person. They should never make guarantees like that as it is impossible to know what the insurance company will cover or what it won’t.

  • If your insurance company denies your claim, you still have rights. Consult with a licensed and experienced attorney about your options. Also, just because an attorney has a 1-800 number or TV ads does not mean they are experienced or honest. All it means is that they have money for an advertising firm. Do your research and ask for references.