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Vacant Lot Initiative

District 2

To promote investment and improvements to vacant residential properties within City Council District 2, the City Council approved funding for the Vacant Lot Initiative program. The program is for the public purpose of facilitating substantial investment for quality residential affordable housing opportunities within City Council District 2.

Community revitalization and the development of affordable housing are crucial goals for the City. The Vacant Lot Initiative program may be utilized by residential property owners whose properties are encumbered by liens and other legal issues impeding the marketability of the property and preventing the property from being improved. The program will assist with eliminating liens and other title defects encumbering the property to aid with the reinvestment of the property and ultimately the development of affordable single-family housing in District 2. This program will also eliminate or reduce vacant lots that have become threats to the public’s health and safety. 

  • Participants must have vacant lot (s) in District 2 
  • Have lien, title, and/or legal issues
  • Property must be owned by the applicant 
  • Property owner(s) household income at or below 120% Area Median Income (AMI) 

HUD 2018 Income Limits for 120% AMI

Family Size Max Annual Income
1 $ 56,160
2 $ 64,200
3 $ 72,240
4 $ 80,160
5 $ 86,640
6 $ 93,000
7 $ 99,480
8 $105,840


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