Use of Public Access Portable Camera Equipment
  1. Use of any City portable production equipment provided to the Public Access Producer by the City of San Antonio is for the purpose of creating Public Access material only and shall be limited to the program named in the “Public Access Production Equipment Agreement” form. No commercial or private use of the production equipment is allowed. 
  2. The Producer that signs the “Agreement” form is the individual responsible for the production equipment checked out through the City’s Television Programming Coordinator, Frank Burns. 
  3. The Producer will be required to take an initial tutorial on the use of the production equipment. 
  4. The Producer agrees to pay restitution to the City for any equipment defaced, damaged, lost, stolen or rendered inoperable while under the custody of the Producer.  
  5. The Producer agrees to pay the City for the cost to repair damages to the equipment caused by the Producer or to pay to replace production equipment rendered inoperable. Until restitution by the Producer is made to the City for any equipment damages, the Producer’s privileges to check out equipment and airing programs on the Public Access channel will be suspended. 
  6. Production equipment responsibility may not be assigned to any other organization or individual.
  7. Production equipment may only be picked up, used, or returned by the Producer who signed the “Agreement” form. 
  8. The Producer will allow no one to service, repair, or adjust any of the City’s production equipment. 
  9. Production equipment will be provided free-of-charge to the Producer for a time period of 24 hours, at a time (except for weekends and Hoildays). Failure to return production equipment in the agreed 24 hour period and to the Television Programming Coordinator will constitute a violation of these rules, and the Producer will be charged a late fee for every hour past due at a one hour minimum. Any charge assessed to a Producer must be paid in full before any future services (i.e. airtime, equipment, etc.).The late fee charge is $25.00 an hour. Only checks or credit cards accepted. 
  10. The City reserves the right to inspect the use of City-owned production equipment at any time and the right to demand immediate return of any or all of the equipment in the Producer’s possession, should the City determine that the Producer has failed to abide by the conditions set. Production equipment may not be used or transported outside of the San Antonio city limits without written consent from the City.Production equipment may not be transported in any airplane, boat or motorcycle except with specific written consent from the City. 
  11. Producer must have a valid Texas Drivers License.