Frequently Asked Questions

Who can produce a public access television program?

Any individual or group who resides in the City of San Antonio can register to become a Public Access Television Producer and air a program on the channel.

How often is programming time made available?

All programming time is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, at no charge to the producer. Producers can submit programs on a monthly basis (the same program airs each week for one month).

What types of programs are accepted?

All programming must be locally produced and non-commercial. A wide variety of programs air on the Public Access channel including those with the following content: arts, music, cultural, comedy, children/youth and religious/spiritual, to name a few. Programs used for training, documentaries, and interview shows also air on the channel.

What program format is accepted?

All programs must be 30 minutes in length and submitted as a regular DVD or a MPEG2 data file.

How easy is it to get started?

  • Register to become a Public Acess producer by completing the REQUEST FOR PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL TIME FORM.
  • Producers can submit programs and complete a Request Form in person at the Public Access Office 115 Plaza de Armas, Ste. 110.
  • Producers can also mail programs to the following address and in care of Frank Burns - Television Programming Coordinator, Communications and Public Affairs Department, P.O. Box 839966, San Antonio, Texas 78283-3966.
  • Programs submitted must meet the criteria listed on the Request Form. THE CITY RETAINS FULL DISCRETION OF SCHEDULING ALL PROGRAMS TO AIR.

Please contact Frank Burns, Television Programming Coordinator by phone at (210) 207-4000 or email with any additional questions.