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The Park Police Department is accountable for all official acts of its Officers. Therefore, the Department holds its members to a high standard of conduct and discipline in order to preserve the essential relationship of trust and confidence with the community they serve.

Valid complaints on Officers must be a violation of Park Police and/or City of San Antonio rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or State laws. Complaints and investigations on Officers are strictly governed by State and local laws and rules.  Applicable State laws are derived from the Texas Government Code, Title 6, Chapter 614, Sub-Chapter B “Complaint Against Law Enforcement Officer or Fire Fighter”

We also adhere to the rules outlined in the “Officer Bill of Rights” contained in the Meet and Confer Agreement between the San Antonio Park Police Officer’s Association and the City of San Antonio.  

Complaints and investigations are also conducted and governed by the rules contained in the Park Police General Manual, I.e. Procedure 200 “Rules and Regulations” and Procedure 300 “Disciplinary Procedures”.

About Internal Affairs

The San Antonio Park Police Department has assigned a Park Police Sergeant specifically dedicated to investigating formal complaints from citizens against Park Police Officers. 

This unit, called the Internal Affairs Unit, is housed separately from Park Police Headquarters.

Minor (Line) Complaints

Minor complaints (hereafter referred to as “Line Complaints”) are complaints that generally constitute disciplinary matters limited to and involving a minor variance from the routine activities and responsibilities of the Officer in question. Examples of line complaints might be, but are not limited to, 

  • Officer’s rudeness, 
  • unprofessional attitudes or actions, 
  • improper actions etc.  

The Complainants in these matters may or may not wish to be contacted and does not wish to make a formal statement about the incident. The Park Police Officer’s immediate supervisor initially addresses line complaints usually resulting in the complainant’s satisfaction from the Supervisor’s initial contact. The Officer’s direct Supervisor then addresses the complaint with the Officer.

To make a Line Complaint or speak to someone about a line complaint, call Park Police Headquarters anytime at 210.207.8590 and ask to speak to an on-duty supervisor.

Process for a Formal Complaint

  1. The Internal Affairs Sergeant will meet with and take sworn notarized statements from the complainant and any witnesses to the incident. These statements are notarized and treated in the same manner as testimony in a court of law.
  2. The officer involved, and any other officer at the scene of the incident or with pertinent information, will be required to submit a written report in response to the complaint.
  3. When appropriate, medical records are examined, physical evidence is gathered, video evidence is viewed, additional witnesses are interviewed and photographs may be taken.
  4. The complainant, witnesses, and officers involved, may be required to take a polygraph examination.
  5. Once the investigation is completed, the case is forwarded to through the Park Police Captain to the San Antonio Police Department Deputy Chief in charge of Park Police.
  6. The Chief of the Park Police decides if discipline will be administered and if so what level of discipline will be administered to the officer. The San Antonio Park Police Chief has ultimate discretion whether discipline is implemented against a Park Police Officer.

Contacting Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Sergeant can be reached at 210.207.2241 during normal business hours. To make a complaint or speak to someone after hours or on weekends call Park Police Headquarters anytime at 210.207.8590 and ask to speak to an on-duty supervisor.

The Park Police Internal Affairs Office is located in our Jack White Sub-Station at 3803 Seguin Rd. San Antonio Texas 78219. The Internal Affairs Office hours are 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You may also send your complaint to the Park Police Department directly; email your complaint or concern. Please bring your complaint to the attention of the Park Police Department as soon as possible, either in person, by telephone or by e-mail.