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For information on the O.P. Schnabel Park Expansion Project (formerly known as the Alamo Golf Club property) please click on the link below to view the second public meeting presentation.

2nd Meeting Presentation


Below are 4 conceptual plans for the Alamo Golf Club property. To submit questions and input, please email Tony Forshage at 

Concept 1 

Concept 2 

Concept 3

Concept 4 


Capital Projects Update

The 2012-2017 Bond Program was approved by voters in May 2012. Projects include streets and drainage, parks, fire stations, library branch renovations, Animal Care Services kennels, senior centers and others. To review the projects, please visit the 2012 Bond Page at

In May of 2007 the voters approved Proposition 3 for Recreation, Open Space and Athletics Improvements for a total of $79,125,293 for 69 projects. This proposition authorized the City of San Antonio to issue bonds, the proceeds from which are being used to acquire, construct, equip, and renovate various park, cultural, recreation, open space and athletics facilities. This proposition also will provide park additions and for the acquisition of lands and rights of way necessary for such purposes.

In November of 2003 San Antonio voters approved a bond issue which set aside $27.2 million, at 54 individual project sites. These projects continue the program set aside by the 1999 bond issue; however, the large focus of this bond issue was rehabilitation of existing parks and the development of facilities for youth sports activities. These availability of these funds will be spread over a four year period so that a tax increase will not be required. All projects have been committed to the voters to be substantially complete by December of 2007. To complete these projects, as well as the projects from the 1999 bond program, is an ambitious undertaking, but is one the City is committed to keeping.

In addition, in May of 1999 San Antonio voters approved a $24.2 million bond issue for improvements to parks and open space. The 63 individual projects include acquiring new park properties, expansion of existing parks, development of undeveloped park land, and the rehabilitation and renovation of existing parks. Project funds were available in yearly increments, with the last bond sale in early 2003. Spreading the funding availability over multiple years keeps the bond program from increasing taxes.

Projects may also be funded from other sources such as Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from the federal government, Certificates of Obligation, and grants from the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Projects may also be funded from donations by private sources such as the San Antonio Parks Foundation, Associated General Contractors and the Junior League of San Antonio.

Public in-put meetings held for the purpose of hearing citizens comments about particular projects are scheduled at appropriate times during the design process of a project. If you would like to see what meetings are currently scheduled, please visit our Calendar.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018