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Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission approves $1,000,000 matching grant for Pearsall Park

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SAN ANTONIO (March 20, 2019) – Councilman Rey Saldaña traveled to Austin this morning to address the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission and offer his support for a matching grant to fund additional amenities at Pearsall Park. The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) State and Local Assistance Program, the Texas Large County and Municipality Recreation and Parks Account (Urban Parks Account), and the Texas Recreation and Parks Account (TRPA) provide matching grants to local governments for the acquisition and development of public parkland and recreation facilities.


Pearsall Park’s transformation from a municipal landfill to a 505-acre premier park with two splash pads, walking trails, the City’s largest children’s playground, 18- hole disc golf course and 1.5-acre dog park has attracted visitors from all over the city.  It is also the only public park in San Antonio that offers fully complete running courses that do not cross City streets or park roads.  The range of amenities including picnic tables, event pavilion area, and shade canopies make this park the ideal site for outdoor family and social gatherings. Pearsall Park also features the largest skate park in the entire City.


Voters approved the 2017-2022 Bond proposal, which includes $3,000,000 for Pearsall Park. This additional funding source will help fulfill the additional phases of the Master Plan. With the matching grant of $1,000,000 awarded by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission, the construction of a bicycle park would be made possible and benefit residents from the surrounding community. 


“Pearsall Park exemplifies how community initiatives and years of meticulous planning can lead into fruitful outcomes and restore pride into neighborhoods long neglected,” commented Councilman Saldaña, “Our residents have witnessed the vast potential right in their backyards through the revitalization of a former landfill into a renowned municipal park full of state-of-the-art amenities and recreational options.  Sharing the remarkable story behind Pearsall Park is always a source of pride and testament of the resilience of the community I represent.”


As of October 1, 2018, TPWD received 71 eligible applications requesting $25,377,315 in matching fund assistance.  The staff recommended support of projects in the amount of $16,253,139. Under the Urban Outdoor category, staff’s recommendation to the commission includes funding for the North Z Boaz Park in Ft. Worth, All Inclusive Playgrounds in El Paso, Edgewood Park in Houston and Pearsall Park.  Each applicant requested $1,000,000 matching grant and the Commission is scheduled to approve this request. 


The Urban Outdoor, Non-Urban Outdoor, and Small Community Grants are made available to Texas local governments based on population for the acquisition and/or development of public parkland.  Funds available include: $3,990,363 from the LWCF; $5,245,957 from the Urban Parks Account; and $7,037,012 from the TRPA.  Additional grant funds may become available during the current fiscal year to supplement the Local Park Grant Program.  The grant funds require a dollar for dollar match and are made possible through a tax on sporting goods.


In the past, the San Antonio Botanical Garden, the Japanese Tea Garden and the Phil Hardberger Park have also received matching grants from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. 



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