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The following playgrounds are under construction and not available to the public at the following parks: 

Kennedy Park 
Oscar Perez Park
McAllister Park – Optimist to pavilion

weather-related closures


Hardberger Park West. Upcoming

The outside portion of the Savanna Loop will be closed again next Monday through Thursday (Feb 11 – 14).

weather-related closures



Hardberger Park West. Upcoming

The outside portion of the Savanna Loop will be closed again next Monday through Thursday (Feb 11 – 14).



trail maintenance updates


Greenway Trail Closures as of 1/7/19:

Salado Creek Greenway – Construction just north of I-10 – Construction is ongoing for a trail connection between Dafoste Park and the Salado Creek Greenway trail.  The construction affects a short segment of the existing Salado trail just north of I-10, where the new trail will be connected.  A temporary path has been installed to allow trail users to easily pass around the construction site.

Salado Creek Greenway – Just south of Austin Hwy – The trail is scheduled to be closed for approximately two months for SAWS sewer line maintenance work, starting the week of January 22.  Signage will be installed at the site and adjacent trailheads to notify trail users.

J-Street Park and Salado Creek Greenway trailhead – J-Street Park is currently closed for renovations to and the trailhead/connection to Salado Creek Greenway.  The closure will last until approximately January, due to construction impacts to the parking lot.

Medina River Greenway - Trail closure east of Applewhite Road - The Medina River Greenway is currently closed east of Applewhite Road for trail repair work.

Leon Creek Greenway – Trail work at Valero Trailhead – Installation of trail etiquette pavement markings are planned for Tuesday, January 8.  The greenway trail will continue to be open to the public in both directions (north and south).  
Leon Creek Greenway - Trail Closure east of Old Fredericksburg Road – Currently closed for construction of the new segment of Leon Creek Greenway (I-10 to the Rim).
Apache Creek Greenway – Trail Closure (SAWS construction) - Due to a SAWS sewer replacement project, the Apache Creek Trail is currently closed from 19th street to San Jacinto Street.


Please call 311 to report closed locations not reflected in this report



All natural surface trails are impacted by foot traffic, and the impact on these trails is magnified when they are wet. People leave depressions and ruts on wet trails, and this can result in permanent damage in the form of erosion and trail widening. Every centimeter of soil that gets washed away due to erosion takes 200 years to be replaced. The best environmental management practices as well as a concern for patron safety require that trails be closed when they are wet. Friedrich Wilderness Park is joining the San Antonio River Authority, Government Canyon State Natural Area, and other state and national parks, in implementing a policy of closing wet trails. Please help protect our natural resources by obeying trail closure signs. Your cooperation and understanding will help preserve Friedrich Wilderness Park for future generations.










Sunday, February 17, 2019