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No closures at this time.  



9/20/18 - Park updates/closures after heavy rains: 

  • Brackenridge Park - Low water crossing closed.
  • Olmos Park - Closed, Sports Complex Open


Pearsall Park 

Climbing structure at the Pearsall Park playground is closed temporarily for maintenance until further notice.






Greenway Trail Closures closed due to rains, 9/18/18:


Friedrich Wilderness Park Trails

Open trails: Main Loop, Forest Range and Water Trail.
Closed trails: Juniper Ridge, Vista Loop, Bosque Trail, Upland Range, and Restoration Way.

Medina River Natural Area Trails

The Lower Rio Medina trail is closed due to muddy conditions. The trail is expected to reopen next week 9/24/18.

IH 10 (Top Golf) to Loop 1604 (Trail)  - Closed
Valero TH to UTSA Road (Trail)  - Closed 
Huesta TH (Under Hausman Bridge) (Trail) - Open
Fox Park TH (Under Hausman Bridge) (Trail) - Open
Bamberger Park (Low Water Crossings) (Trail) - Closed
Buddy Caulk TH (Under Babcock Bridge (Trail) - Closed
Leon Creek (Under Prue Rd Bridge) (Trail) - Closed
Leon Creek (Behind OP Schnabel) (Trail) - Closed
Mainland TH (Under Bandera Rd Bridge) (Trail) - Closed
Grissom TH (Under Grissom Rd Bridge) (Trail) - Closed
Cathedral Rock Park (Low Water Crossings) (Trail) - Closed
VIA TH (Under Ingram Bridge) (Trail) – Open – Limited Access
Potranco TH (Under Culebra Rd and Loop 410 Bridge) (Trail) - Closed

Rainbow Hills TH to Borderbrook TH (Under Timberhill Bridge) (Trail) - Closed

Voelker Road / Old Blanco Rd (Street) Open
Voelker TH to Huebner Road (Trail) - Open
Hardberger Park to Walker Ranch Park (Trail) - Open
North Loop Road (Under West Ave Bridge) (Trail) - Closed
Wurzbach Rd (Under Hwy 281) (Trail) - Closed
Wurzbach Rd / Wetmore Rd  (Mud Creek) (Trail) – Open 

LBJ Park (Boardwalk) - Closed
LBJ Low Water Crossing (Trail) - Closed
Salado Creek (Under Loop 410) (Tobin TH) - Open
Salado Creek (Under Austin Hwy Bridge) (Oakwell TH) - Open
Salado Creek (Under Rittiman Rd Bridge) (John James TH) - Open

Seguin Road / Low Water Crossing (Street) – Closed
Salado Creek / Gembler TH (Trail) - Closed
Salado Creek / Willow Springs (Under Houston / Commerce) (Trail) - Closed
Salado Creek (Under IH-10) (Trail) - Closed
Salado Creek / MLK Park (Trail) – Open – Limited Access
Salado Creek / J Street Park (Trail) - Closed
Salado Creek (Under Rigsby Rd Bridge) (Trail) – Open – Limited Access
Salado Creek / Southside Lions Park (Trail) – Closed

VFW (Mission County Park) Fishing Pier (Trail) - Open
Espada Park (Low Water Crossings) (Street) - Closed
Riverwalk / Camino Coahuilteca (Trail) - Open

Woodlawn Lake Park TH (Trail) - Closed
4200 W. Commerce TH (Under Commerce Bridge) (Trail) - Closed
IH-35 / Laredo (Trail) – Closed
IH 35 / Furnish (Trail) - Closed
Conception Park / Low Water Crossing (Trail) – Open

Although some trails may be open, please be cautious as there may be areas with mud or debris. 




Greenway Trail Closures as of 9/6/18:

Stone Oak Trail Phase III 
Stone Oak Park Trail from Evans Rd to the end of the trail, will be closed starting September the 6th for trail maintenance and re-vegetation.


Medina River Greenway trail from Pleasanton Road to Mattox Park (by Mission Del Lago Golf Course) is currently closed for construction of a sewer line.  The trail is anticipated to be reopened by the end of September.

Salado Creek Greenway – Low Water Crossing at LBJ Trailhead – The low-water crossing connecting LBJ Park to the Salado Creek Greenway Trail will be closed beginning this week (7/9/18) until September 1 for renovation, to improve drainage and reduce future flooding issues.

Salado Creek Greenway Boardwalk – Results of a structural assessment will be received soon for other any long-term structural reinforcements that may be necessary, due to recent vehicular damage.  Preliminary indications are that a small section will need to be structurally repaired. 

Medina River Greenway – Trail Closure at 281 Trailhead (sewer line construction)

The Medina River Greenway trailhead at 13855 S. Hwy 281 is currently closed, until approximately mid-August.  The main trail from Pleasanton Road to Mattox Park will remain open to public use until further notice.

Medina River Greenway - Trail closure east of Applewhite Road - The Medina River Greenway will be closed east of Applewhite Road for trail repair work, beginning Monday, August 13.  The work is expected to be completed and the trail reopened by mid-October.  Signage will be posted at the Applewhite Trailhead and Medina River Natural Area alerting trail users of the closure.


Leon Creek Greenway - Trail Closure east of Old Fredericksburg Road – currently closed for construction of the new segment of Leon Creek Greenway (I-10 to the Rim).

Apache Creek Greenway – Trail Closure (SAWS construction) - Due to a SAWS sewer replacement project, the Apache Creek Trail is currently closed from 19th street to San Jacinto Street.

Salado Creek Greenway – Trail Closure at Willow Springs Golf Course – Repair work is scheduled to begin Monday, August 13 on the Salado Creek Greenway within Willow Springs Golf Course. The work is expected to be completed and the trail reopened in late August.  Signage will be posted at the Jack White and Martin Luther King Park trailheads alerting trail users of the closure.

(Upcoming) Trail Etiquette and Safety signage and pavement markings project at Valero Trailhead – There will be an upcoming installation of pavement markings and signage with an exact date to be determined at a later date.  Leon main greenway trail and trailhead parking will not be closed. 




Please call 311 to report closed locations not reflected in this report



All natural surface trails are impacted by foot traffic, and the impact on these trails is magnified when they are wet. People leave depressions and ruts on wet trails, and this can result in permanent damage in the form of erosion and trail widening. Every centimeter of soil that gets washed away due to erosion takes 200 years to be replaced. The best environmental management practices as well as a concern for patron safety require that trails be closed when they are wet. Friedrich Wilderness Park is joining the San Antonio River Authority, Government Canyon State Natural Area, and other state and national parks, in implementing a policy of closing wet trails. Please help protect our natural resources by obeying trail closure signs. Your cooperation and understanding will help preserve Friedrich Wilderness Park for future generations.






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