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Camargo Park

Park Lights
Is the Tennis Court lighted? No

Mateo Camargo Park gives people an opportunity to spend time enjoying the outdoors, with fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and de-stress. Studies show people who spend time in parks will be sick less often, which means less time missing from school and work, as well as lower healthcare costs and better overall health. And it’s fun and refreshing. Visit a San Antonio park today!

Amenities Available for Rental

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 Commercial Rental Fee:
 Rental of the park is based on the number of people who are expected to attend an event:

  • 400 or less - $375 a day. The damage and clean-up deposit is an additional $500
  • 401 - 1,000 - $700. Damage and clean-up deposit - $800
  • 1,001 or more - $1,100. Damage and clean-up deposit - $1,500.
  • To rent a pavilion only with an attendance of 400 or less, the fee is $275. This does not include the use of the kitchen.

Non-profit Rental Fee:

  • $250 for events with an attendance of less than 400
  • $500 for events with attendance of 401 - 1,000; and $800 for events with an attendance of 1,001 or more.
  • The security deposit is $500 for 400 people or less; $800 for 401 to 1,000; and $1,500 for 1001 or more.

Small Event Rentals:
Pavilion and kitchen available for small events (under 200 people) such as family reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, and small company picnics

  • Park Rental Fee - $275 (includes use of both pavilions and playground)
  •  Kitchen Rental Fee - $90
  • Deposit - $100 (refundable)
  • Saturdays and Sundays only, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. 
  • Events serving alcohol or having live music/DJ will require security, call for details

Park History

In 1927, the City needed material to pave its expanding street system and acquired a gravel pit on the west side of town. The pit was managed by Commissioner of Streets and Parks, Paul Steffler, who preserved a stand of large live oak trees on the site. The shaded area became a gathering place for workers and area residents and soon, church groups and politicians were requesting use of the "park" for their social and political functions.

The park came to be called "Pablo’s Grove," presumably named for Paul (Pablo) Steffler. In 1942, tables were installed for the growing number of picnickers, and in later years, playground equipment, a patio and pavilion were added to the park.

Following the death of local radio personality Mateo Camargo in 1982, a committee was formed to improve Pablo’s Grove and rename it in Camargo’s honor. Camargo was born in Mexico in 1925, studied piano and radio technology, and in the early 1950s was employed by KCOR, San Antonio’s Spanish language radio station. He was a popular broadcaster who showcased the music of Latin America along with news of area politics and civic activities. Camargo and his wife Belia also performed with their popular dance band.

Camargo Park, still popular among residents, was renovated using 1994 Quality of Life bond issue funds. A new playground, lighting, kitchen renovations, and handicap accessibility and parking improvements were included in the project.



Monday, June 21, 2021