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Phil Hardberger Park (West)

Dog Parks
Size: West 1.5 acres
/ Separate Large & Small Dog Areas
Info: 7:30 a.m. - sunset, seven days a week


Phil Hardberger Park, which opened in May 2010, is a 311-acre park located on either side of Wurzbach Parkway between N.W. Military Highway and Blanco Road. Amenities include trails, playscapes on two sides of the park, dog parks on both sides of the park, picnic facilities, basketball courts, an outdoor classroom and the Salado Creek overlook. Construction has begun on a state-of-the-art Urban Ecology Center.

Hardberger Park is classified as a natural area. Park patrons are asked to observe some simple rules that will help preserve the land with its wonderful environmental treasures. By staying on the designated trails, hikers and bikers reduce their impact on wildlife and plant neighbors. Rules also include no alcohol, loud music, motorized vehicles off the pavement, or glass containers. Observing trail etiquette will make hiking and biking on the trails more enjoyable for everyone. Park visitors following these rules go a long way in protecting our natural heritage!

City Council voted December 3, 2009, to name the Voelcker property currently under development as a City park, the Phil Hardberger Park, in honor of former Mayor Hardberger's contributions to the project.

Phil Hardberger was elected Mayor of San Antonio on June 7, 2005. Mayor Hardberger has overseen a period of economic growth, rising prosperity and stability in San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city. He has addressed basic concerns about city services and infrastructure while also striving to increase San Antonio’s overall quality of life.

With unprecedented vision and leadership, Mayor Hardberger has created a legacy, a citywide park, which residents will be able to enjoy for generations. Recognizing the value of parks in improving the quality of life for citizens, Mayor Hardberger led the effort in purchasing the Voelcker property as part of the strategy to increase acreage and accessibility to parks. The acquisition and development of the property is the signature project among the 69 park projects included in the 2007-2012 Bond Program, the largest municipal bond program in San Antonio history.

The master plan was completed by the team of Stephen Stimson Associates and D.I.R.T. Studio. The property was purchased from the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund in two acquisitions in 2006 and 2007 for a combined cost of approximately $47 million. It includes an original 1800s farmhouse and farm complex.

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Weed Wednesdays
Hardberger Park has a unique diversity of both flora and fauna and that diversity is being threatened by exotic invasive weeds. WE NEED YOUR HELP to combat these weeds which include Australian and Kleberg Bluestem, wild mustard, and malta star thistle. Join us for Weed Wednesdays at Hardberger Park from 8:30 to 10:30 am. We will pull weeds as well as plant native plant material in treated areas. Each week will be at a different location within the park.

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For more information, call:
or email  Wendy Leonard.

Website: Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

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