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Howard W. Peak Greenway Trails System

The Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System (Greenway) is a growing network of approximately 69 miles of developed multi-use and accessible trails. The Greenway trails wind through natural landscapes along many of San Antonio’s waterways including:

Salado Creek

Leon Creek

Medina River

Westside Creeks (Apache, Alazan, Martinez, San Pedro, and Zarzamora)

and Tributary Creeks (Huesta Creek and Culebra Creek)


Hiking and biking along the Greenway trails are great ways to get fit and enjoy the outdoors. There are over 40 major trailheads and neighborhood connections to access the trail system around the city. The three major segments of the Greenway are the Leon Creek Greenway, the Salado Creek Greenway, and the Medina River Greenway each offering several miles of uninterrupted trails. In addition, the Greenway trails connect dozens of local parks and consist of approximately 1,450 acres of creek-side open space and natural areas.

The idea to build the Greenways was spearheaded by former Mayor Howard W. Peak.  His dream was to build a "ring” of hike and bike trails along creeks around the City of San Antonio. This idea quickly became a shared vision among city leaders.

Funding for the Greenways was first approved by voters in 2000, followed by three subsequent elections, to use 1/8 cent from local sales tax revenue to develop the trails. Current funding is being used to expand the trail system and to enhance the existing trails.

"I love roller skating Leon Creek Greenway while my husband bikes alongside me. The trails are paved and kept in good condition, the animal and plant life is amazingly beautiful and the people we meet out there are super friendly! One day I wanted to see how many people on that trail would give a high five to a stranger. The answer was everybody!"  --Trail enthusiast Celeste Frausto 

Greenway Map

Leon Creek Greenway Map

Medina River Greenway Map 

Salado Creek Greenway Map

Westside Creek Greenway Map

Trail Closures


The Trail Design Strategy (TDS) will enhance the general design standards of the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System. The TDS establishes design principles, criteria for application, and enhanced features, which combine city-wide branded elements with other features entitled to reflect the unique character of the neighborhood in which they will be placed. 

01-Executive Summary
02-Stakeholder Engagement
03-Site Analysis
04-Trail Design Vision
05-Trail Interventions
6.1-Design Tool kits - Furnishing Families
6.2-Design Tool kits - Hardscape
6.3-Design Tool kits - Low Impact Development
6.4-Design Tool kits - Others
07-Master Matrix
----Full Document


Projects Currently Under Construction (3/28/2019):
Project Name Miles Anticipated Completion Year
Salado (Loop 1604 to Eisenhower Park) 4.0  2020
Apache Creek (19th Street to Cassiano Park) 1 2020
Espada Connection (Mattox Park to Mission Espada) 4.1 2020
Medina River (Medina River Crossing to Pleasanton Rd.) 3.1 2020
Mission Reach to Confluence Park Connection 0.25 2020
Salado (1604 to Eisenhower Park 4.0 2020
Total 16.45 miles

Culebra - Helotes Creek Greenway Trail

The Culebra/Helotes Creek Greenway Trail starts at the Terra Oak Trailhead and runs 2.2 miles down Helotes Creek until the confluence where it meets Culebra Creek. The trail continues under Loop 1604 and ties in with the trails in Culebra Creek Park.



Terra Oak Trailhead

10140 Terra Oak

San Antonio, TX 78250


Culebra Creek Park

10919 Westward Loop

San Antonio, TX, 78254



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Huebner Creek Greenway (Crystal Hills Park to Leon Creek)”

The Huebner Creek Greenway is a tributary trail to the Leon Creek Greenway. It extends 1.5 miles from the Crystal Hills Trailhead on Shadow Mist to the Border Brook Trailhead which leads to the Leon Creek Greenway.







Crystal Hills Trailhead

6441 Shadow Mist Road

Leon Valley, TX 78238


Border Brook Trailhead

6901 Border Brook

San Antonio, TX 78238



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Leon Creek Greenway (North & Central)

The Leon Creek Greenway currently offers 20 miles of paved multi-use trails park connections. Trail users have the opportunity to experience views of limestone bluffs, wildflower fields, stands of beautiful Cottonwoods, and heritage trees. The trails also feature connections to O.P. Schnabel Park, Bamberger Nature Park, Cathedral Rock Park, Pearsall Park, Earl Scott Pond, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), as well as, connections to numerous other parks, neighborhoods and businesses.

The trailhead at VIA’s Ingram Road Transit Center provides direct bus access to the Leon Creek Greenway.




Valero Trailhead

5902 N.W. Loop 1604

San Antonio, TX 78251


Bamberger Park Trailhead

12401 Babcock Road

San Antonio, TX 78249


O.P. Schnabel Park Trailhead

9606 Bandera Road

San Antonio, TX 78240


VIA Transit Center Trailhead

8561 Rochelle Road

San Antonio, TX 78240


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Leon Creek South - Loop Trail at Levi Strauss Park

Leon Creek Greenway South offers 2.6 miles of trail and access to outdoor fitness stations. This stretch of the Leon Creek Greenway can be accessed from the Levi Strauss Trailhead and the Arvil Trailhead (located adjacent to Rodriguez County Park). This segment provides connections to Wolff Stadium, the Enrique Barrera Fitness Center, Levi Strauss Park and Rodriguez County Park. The trail traverses a diverse range of environments and includes scenic overlooks of Leon Creek.


Levi Strauss Trailhead

6100 Enrique M. Barrera Parkway

San Antonio, TX 78227


Arvil Trailhead

200 Arvil Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78227

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Leon Creek South - Pearsall Park
(near Quintana Rd.)

This multi-use hike and bike trail traverses 1.5 miles from Pearsall Park to near Quintana Road. It includes a parking lot located at Old Pearsall Road, large hardwood trees, beautiful views of the creek and trailside seating areas.




Pearsall Park Trailhead

4838 Old Pearsall Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78242

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Medina River (Medina River Natural Area to River Crossing)


The Medina River Greenway stretches seven-miles east from the Medina River Natural Area to the future Medina River Crossing. The trail is mostly easy, but includes switchbacks with slopes up to 8.3 percent in two locations. The trail can be accessed from the Medina River Natural Area Trailhead, Old Applewhite Road Trailhead, and Applewhite Trailhead.

The Medina River Greenway area is a refreshing escape for those seeking the serenity of the great outdoors within a short drive of San Antonio. The Greenway features large Cypress, Oak and Pecan trees along the flowing Medina River.

Future plans include extending the trail eastward, crossing the Medina River to connect to the Pleasanton Road Trailhead.


Medina River Natural Area Trailhead

15890 Highway 16 S.

San Antonio, TX 78264


Old Applewhite Road Trailhead

2440 W. Jett Road

San Antonio, TX 78264


Applewhite Trailhead

16506 Applewhite Road

San Antonio, TX 78264

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Medina River Greenway (Pleasanton Rd to Mattox Park)


This continuation of the Medina River Greenway extends 3.4 miles east from the Pleasanton Trailhead to Mattox Park at the Mission Del Lago Trailhead. The trail hugs the edge of Mitchell Lake, offering views of lush vegetation, wetland habitat and migratory birds.




Pleasanton Trailhead

15638 Pleasanton Road

San Antonio, TX 78221

Mitchell Lake Trailhead

13855 S. Hwy 281

San Antonio, TX 78221


Mission Del Lago Trailhead

1222 Mission Grande

San Antonio, TX 78221


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Olmos Basin Greenway

Olmos Basin Trail

The 0.9 mile trail runs from Basse Road to Dick Friedrich Street in Olmos Basin Park.

The Olmos Basin Greenway was completed in April 2015 with $900,000 from the Linear Creekway Parks Development Program funded by voter approved sales tax.


Olmos Basin Park Trailhead

651 Devine Road

San Antonio, TX 78212

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Salado Creek Greenway South (Jack White to Southside Lions Park)

The Salado Creek Greenway South begins at Jack White Park and continues south 7.2 miles to Southside Lions Park. The trail winds through areas of thick, towering hardwood trees surrounding Salado Creek; trees that can be seen on the trail include Oak, Pecan and Texas Cedar Elm trees. The trail also passes several locations where the creekway is a perennial stream, serving as home to fish, turtles, waterfowl and other riparian species.





Jack White Park

3803 Seguin Road

San Antonio, TX 78219


Martin Luther King Park

3503 Martin Luther King Drive

San Antonio, TX 78220


Southside Lions Park Trailhead

4008 Pecan Valley Drive

San Antonio, TX 78210

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Salado Creek Greenway North (Blanco Road to McAllister Park)

The Salado Creek Greenway North from Blanco Road to McAllister Park features 5.6 miles of multi-use recreational trail made from asphalt and concrete. Trail users can enjoy views of large Pecan and Live Oak trees along Salado Creek.




Walker Ranch Park Trailhead

12603 West Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78216


McAllister Park Trailhead (adjacent to the Dog Park)

11700 Starcrest Drive

San Antonio, TX 78247

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Salado Creek Greenway North (Huebner Road to Blanco Road)

The Salado Creek Greenway North from Huebner Road to Blanco Road features a 2 mile segment of multi-use recreational trail with asphalt and concrete surface trails. The scenic route runs between bluffs that run along Salado Creek and into Hardberger Park.




Voelcker Trailhead

Voelker Lane

San Antonio, TX 78231


Phil Hardberger Park East

13203 Blanco Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78216


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Salado Creek Greenway North (McAllister Park to Rittiman Road)

The Salado Creek Greenway North from McAllister Park to Rittman Road is seven miles long and runs along scenic natural landscapes. This segment of trail features a unique 3,400-foot boardwalk that runs along the Salado Creek wetland area by Nacogdoches Road.

Located near Lady Bird Johnson Park, the Morningstar Boardwalk honors Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Morningstar, a native of San Antonio who gave his life for his country. The Boardwalk is decorated with a sign honoring SSG Morningstar and an inlay of red, white and blue ceramic tile topped by a star.


McAllister Park Trailhead (adjacent to the Dog Park)

Buckhorn Road

San Antonio, TX 78247

Lady Bird Johnson Park Trailhead

10700 Nacogdoches Road

San Antonio, TX 78247


Tobin Park Trailhead

2020 N.E. Loop 410

San Antonio, TX 78212


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