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The City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department allows citizens to engage in water recreation activities in specified bodies of water. This policy allows for non-motorized water recreation activities in a number of small lakes, certain sections of the San Antonio River, and portions of the Medina River. As of August 1, 2011, no permit will be required for this activity.

Please note boundaries for water recreation activity are subject to change.

Boundaries for Recreation Activity

  • Eagleland Zone, San Antonio River
    Launch and Recovery Area:
    Between Eagleland and Lone Star (approximately 20 feet north or railroad bridge)
    Boundary: San Antonio River Walk – Eagleland zone from Lone Star railroad trellis to Alamo Street
  • King William Zone, San Antonio River
    Launch & Recovery Area: Guenther Street by San Antonio River Authority, 100 E. Guenther
    Boundary: King William zone from Nueva Street to Alamo Street

* Please note that these two zones are not connected and are more than 1 mile apart. Participants choosing to utilize both zones must port watercraft 1 mile between zones.

Mission Reach Zone, San Antonio River 

Launch & Recovery Area: 
Please see the following map for all of the River access locations along the 8 mile Mission Reach:

Northern Boundary: Lone Star Blvd. by Roosevelt Park Portage Point: Espada Dam 1200 feet South of SE Military Drive users will have to portage their watercraft around the dam and re-enter the river below Mission Parkway
Southern Boundary: Camino Couhuilteca by Mission Espada
Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset

City Parks

Elmendorf Lake Park, 3700 W. Commerce
Launch & Recovery Area: dock
Boundary: Lake

Medina River Natural Area, 15890 Highway 16 South
Launch & Recovery Area: Approximately 1/2 mile from the parking lot
Boundary: State Highway 16 to Old Applewhite Road

Miller’s Pond Park, 6175 Old Pearsall Park
Launch and Recovery Area: dock
Boundary: Pond

South Side Lions Park, 3900 Pecan Valley Drive
Launch and Recovery Area: Near pavilion #2 (Facing the pavilion, 30 to 40 yards to the east)
Boundary: Lake

Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati
Launch and Recovery Area: dock
Boundary: Lake

Stand-up Paddle Boards and Paddle Boats

The following areas on the San Antonio River are appropriate for Stand Up Paddle Boards and Paddle boats (distances measured are one way) Canoe chutes are not designed for Paddleboards and Paddle Boats:

  • King William Paddling Zone from Nueva south to the blue buoys above S. Alamo. Access from Guenther St. (.8 miles)
  • Mission Reach Paddling Zone from below the chute at VFW to the canoe chute adjacent to Padre Park. Access from VFW below the chute, or from Padre Park. (.7 miles)
  • Mission Reach Paddling Zone from the bridge below the canoe chute adjacent to Padre Park to the blue buoys above Espada Dam. Access from Espada or Acequia Park. (~1 mile)

Rules and Regulations

  • Willful body contact with water is prohibited per City Code.
  • Per state law, a personal flotation device must be kept in the watercraft for each rider. All persons must wear a PFD approved by the U.S. Coast Guard in good serviceable condition and appropriate size for the intended users
  • Use of the non-motorized, non-inflatable vessel must be during daylight hours only.
  • Non-motorized, non-inflatable vessel must be removed at the end of each day after use.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages during water recreation activities is prohibited.
  • The City of San Antonio makes no guarantees about the safety of water recreation activities on these bodies of water. Participant assumes all risks and liabilities associated with participation.
  • Participant is only allowed to operate his/her watercraft within the boundaries stated above and must obey all posted signage instructions.
  • Riders must follow all state and federal laws. More information on current laws, plus safety tips, can be found online at:
  • The City of San Antonio reserves the right to prohibit activity on these bodies of water at any time.
  • Wakeboarding on the San Antonio River including the River Walk and any public body of water is not allowed by the City of San Antonio and is not an appropriate water recreational activity.  This violates Sec. 22-88 of municipal code which states swimming is not allowed including wading or any other water contact recreational activity.  Those who violate the ordinance could be subject to a fine. We encourage people to partake in responsible and legal water recreation activities such as canoeing and kayaking along the San Antonio River in designated areas. Information on canoeing and kayaking can be found at and

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