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Have you always dreamed of performing the quiet, graceful moves of a ballerina or the fiery, passionate moves of the Spanish Flamenco dancer? Embrace your love of dance by signing up for a variety of classes, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Mexican Folklorico, Spanish Flamenco. Classes are offered year-round to youth and adults, ages 4 and up.

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See 2021 Summer Dance Schedule

Class Rates

• $30 for ages 17 and under
• $60 for ages 18 to 59,   
• $30 for ages 60+ 
• $15 for any additional class during the same session (youth ages 17 and under only). 
• Discounted rate of $25 for the first class for siblings ages 17 and under living in the same household.
• Private Lessons are NOT discountable and are not counted toward sibling or multi-class discounts. 
• Program fee is non-refundable and no fees are prorated. 

All classes are subject to change or cancellation depending on the number of participants enrolled.  Recital participation is not mandatory. Some classes do not participate in annual recitals. Please check with instructor.  New class curriculum usually begins in October.  No classes on City Holidays. 

Class Guidelines:   Instructor will group similar age and level students together after assessment the first week of classes. It is common for beginners to remain at beginning level for several years as they acquire skills for advancement.  All classes except introductory levels will need teacher approval.  Teacher assessment will advance students when necessary on a case-by-case basis.    

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021