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Compassion Tree Project SA

The Compassion Tree Project (CTP) starts at a local level as a symbolic representation of the commitment and responsibility to re-green the world. It then expands beyond its own location and moves to support already-existing re-greening efforts locally and around the world. The Compassion Tree Project joins us all together in a single global effort, connecting us all in our common humanity. It mobilizes us to take action to do something about devastated lands and the climate crisis. We will be planting more than bio-diversity – we will also be planting compassion, peacemaking, and economic freedom; thereby restoring our planet’s ecological balance.To learn more about this initiative, please visit: https://charterforcompassion.org/the-compassion-tree-project

Core Team 

City Council District 7
City of San Antonio
Compassionate SA Grassroots
EcoCentro & Green ‘19
Environmental Defense Fund
Gardopia Gardens
SA Interfaith Environmental Network
San Antonio Peace Center
SoL Center & Green ‘19
University of the Incarnate Word 

Current Tree Planting Initiatives & Investments

City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department


In coordination with the Compassion Tree Project core team, the Parks and Recreation Department will serve as the City’s lead department. This will include compiling suggestions and information from partners as well as tracking and tabulating all tree planting efforts associated with this project.
The Parks and Recreation Department manages the Tree Mitigations and Canopy Protection funds and has led the City’s effort to increase tree canopy throughout San Antonio. Since 2006, over 100,000 trees have been adopted out or planted with these funds. 

Community Tree Adoption Events

Tree adoptions are held monthly. The department provides trees at more than 40 adoption events per year during the planting season (September – April). These are a combination of 1 and 5 gallon native shade/ornamental and fruit trees that are all well suited to the San Antonio region.

Calendar of Events

January 25, 2020
Jammin Jams - Fruit and Nut Tree Adoption
The Pearl | 8am
January 26, 2020
Annual Blessing of SA Peacemakers

April 18, 2020

Earth Day – 50th Anniversary
Woodlawn Lake

Click here to view the Earth Day video in Spanish

Compassion Tree Project Planting at Headwaters



Types of Trees

The department currently uses over 30 different species of trees for adoption events and planting projects. Although there is concern for some tree species that are known to produce higher amounts of biogenic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), we recommend a diverse mixture of tree species to be used for this project. A wide mix of native shade, ornamental, fruit and nut trees will help to ensure that all ecosystem benefits such as lower temperatures, improved water quality, and carbon storage that are provided by these trees will be maximized. 


When feasible, the Compassionate Tree Project should focus on tree planting events that engage the community and volunteers. This outreach creates a stewardship model and promotes the importance of nature and the overall benefits that trees have on our environment.


Tree planting projects, partnerships, and initiatives include:

• Neighborhood Tree Program


Through the Neighborhood Tree Program (NTP) the Parks and Recreation Department provides 30-gallon trees to residents of select neighborhoods to help provide shade and increase the City’s overall tree canopy. Neighborhoods are selected for the NTP using an equity-based approach that incorporates three primary factors: 1) low per capita income rates, 2) high residential poverty rates, and 3) low tree canopy statistics.  Under the program, residents are offered their choice of one of four different tree species which the City will install on their property at no cost to the resident.  Recipients of these trees are, however, responsible for the long term maintenance of the new tree.  

CPS-Energy Green Shade Rebate Program
Under One Roof
• University/college partnerships
Westside Creeks

These are sizeable tree planting projects where large native trees are installed.

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