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Green Initiatives

Tree Planting Initiatives

Green Shade Program

As part of the campaign to improve the city's tree canopy, the Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with City Public Service Energy, San Antonio Water System, and the Texas Forest Service to implement a Tree Rebate for Energy Savings Program for both commercial and residential customers.

Through this program, citizens are able to purchase up to three trees and receive a rebate from CPS of $50 per tree. This program is expected to result in the planting of more than 7,000 new trees.

 The trees must be planted within 10 to 30 feet and on the west, south or east side of an air-conditioned home or business. For complete rebate guidelines and tree planting instructions, go to the CPS Energy website or visit your nearest CPS Energy Customer Service Center or call  210.353.2728.


Trees benefit everyone in countless ways. They provide food for humans and animals. They serve as habitat for birds and small mammals. Trees add beauty to landscapes and help increase property values. They provide shade and help reduce the impacts of urban heat islands. And trees help keep our environment clean by filtering the air we breathe and reducing storm water runoff, which in turn helps control flooding and aids in Edwards Aquifer recharge. 

The Parks and Recreation Department plants hundreds of trees every year. We encourage both individuals and local businesses throughout San Antonio to get involved by planting trees to help increase the overall city tree canopy.  If you or your company are interested in volunteering with a local tree adoption event, or a tree planting project, please contact us at 210-207-3256.

Recycling Initiatives

It's your park. Recycle, San Antonio!

The City of San Antonio is working hard to Go Green. Part of that effort has been the expansion of recycling in its City parks.

Look for the blue recycling centers at parks across San Antonio and at the trailheads on our Leon Creek, Salado Creek, and Medina River greenway trails. In Hardberger Park, look for beige animal proof recycling centers. Blue recycling centers have been installed at 218 parks.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Recycling centers are for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans only.
  • Please empty any liquids from bottles or cans before recycling in blue.
  • Food, paper plates, pet waste and other waste products should go in the regular trash.

All City parks now offer recycling. Download the print version of the Do's and Don'ts .

TREE values

Dirt path next to trees

Trees next to water


Dotting our yards, filling our parks and lining our streets - trees provide an aesthetic and environmental value to our community… but did you know that they also positively affect us financially?

Whether young or old, five feet tall or forty feet tall; trees increase property value, save energy costs, and improve air quality and storm water runoff.


calculate the value of your trees

Determine the value of your trees with this simple tree value calculator.


Tips to get the Most value from your trees

How to Properly Plant and Establish Trees

  • Select the right tree for the right location: keep large species trees at least 15 feet away from structures
    and 25 feet from overhead utility lines.
  • Call 1-800-DIG-TESS or 811 for utility locates. Also know buried utilities on your property.
  • Dig a hole 2-3 times as wide as the root ball but not deeper than root flare: prefer top of root ball to be 1
    inch above existing soil grade.
  • Remove tree from the container and/or all twine, wire, burlap and any other material form the root ball.
    Cut or remove any circling/girdling roots.
  • Back fill halfway with original soil and water in thoroughly. Back fill the rest of the original soil and water in thoroughly.
  • Mulch with wood chips: 2-3 foot radius, 1-2 inches deep, but keep 2-3 inches away from trunk. Proper mulching helps retain water, moderates soil temperature, adds organic matter to the soil over me and can reduce the need for weed control. Inexpensive mulch is available from the City’s brush site, located at 1800 Old Bitters Rd. Call 311 for more information.
  • Water (check for soil moisture before watering): 3 x a week for first month, 2 x week for next two months, and 1 x week for rest of growing season. Reduce to 1-2 x months for next growing season.

Trees provided by the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department through the Tree Mitigation Fund.

Below are a list of tree species that have been provided to residents through the Neighborhood Tree Program.

Cedar Elm

Chinkapin Oak

Mexican White Oak

Mexican Sycamore




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