Comprehensive Rezoning

Comprehensive Rezoning Overview

Since the adoption of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan in 2016, the Planning Department has been working to develop plans that encompass specific geographic areas throughout the city.Sub-area plans address existing conditions, future vision and goals, as well as topics such as future growth and development, land use, infrastructure, and public services for the specific area.As sub-area plans are completed and adopted, the City will initiate a series of rezoning cases that aim to implement the adopted Future Land Use Maps.

City-initiated comprehensive rezoning cases occur when City Council directs staff to propose rezoning of properties in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan, annexation, or other public safety policy. City staff engages with property owners and stakeholders, prepares an appropriate rezoning proposal, formally submits the zoning changes for consideration, and manages the rezoning case throughout the public hearing process. The Zoning Commission and City Council will hold public hearings for each rezoning proposal.