Fredericksburg Road Corridor Study and Design Strategy

Fredericksburg Road is a major corridor located in near northwest San Antonio. The Fredericksburg Road Corridor Study Area consists of approximately 786 acres starting at IH-10 to the southeast, continuing northwest to the City of Balcones Heights city limits and extending 1,000 feet on both sides of Fredericksburg Road from the edge of the Fredericksburg Road right-of-way. The study area is located in San Antonio’s Art Deco District, is in close proximity to Jefferson High School, and abuts the City of Balcones Heights. The study area contains a portion of the VIA Metropolitan bus rapid transit (BRT) service known as VIA Primo which connects the Medical Center to Downtown San Antonio.

Fredericksburg Road Corridor Study Goals

  • Strengthen property values
  • Improve physical appearance
  • Improve property upkeep and maintenance
  • Improve access for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit
  • Strengthen corridor and community identity
  • Increase resident satisfaction

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